Engineering Arena


In the Engineering Arena, students will deal with a project assignment containing real problems in the fields of mechanical engineering, naval architecture, energetics and electrical engineering and their task will be to solve the exercise in the most efficient, realistic and a budget-friendly way.


Project Assignment

The project assignment consists of three related stages. The competition will be organized in three days each of which represents one competition stage. Teams will be given an assignment in the morning, deal with it during the day and present their solutions to supervisors in the afternoon. Team solutions are graded and ranked each day. The best teams will qualify for and compete in the finals in the fourth day of the competition when they will present their solutions to a panel of judges who will announce the winner of the Engineering Arena.

Who might compete in the Arena

Full time students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the related subfields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Robotics, Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Engineering Arena.



Application of physics in engineering

Analysis of electrical and electronic systems

Programming knowledge and MATLAB / Octave program tools

Modeling of thermodynamic systems

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics

Computer modeling, simulation and analysis of dynamic systems

Automation and nonlinear systems control

Dimensioning of machine and structural elements

Design of embedded and communication systems


Problem analysis

Presentation skills

Mentoring team

Engineering Ante Orešković

Ante Orešković

Mentor Team Leader, FER

Dominik Barbarić

Mentor Team Member, FER

Karla Draženović

Mentor Team Member, FER

Nenad Ferdelji

Mentor Team Member, FSB

Luka Mandić

Mentor Team Member, FER

Ivan Pavić

Mentor Team Member, FER

Vedran Slapničar

Mentor Team Member, FER

Marko Švec

Mentor Team Member, FER

Danijel Zadravec

Mentor Team Member, FSB