Engineering Arena

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Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been. You might face the challenge of building a submarine, widen functionalities of embedded systems, design a propulsion system, optimize a powertrain or make a robot dance Macarena while waiting for the next command. In the Engineering Arena, you will have to apply all of your knowledge to design something new.


In order to be robust and work properly, every system must be designed by a multidisciplinary team, capable of bringing a new perspective to the solution. You might want to pick mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineers. But don’t forget, physicists will also help you as they are trained to shift from abstract to real on a daily basis. You might be wondering now...saying...but there are so many different research fields, how do I choose the right people? No worries, the core competences will be defined by the mentoring team based on the upcoming tasks.



Because you want to experience what challenges will look like once you have finished your studies and put your engineering skills to the test. You will get to work in a team of brilliant like minded people for four days and together provide a unique take on the topic. Finally, based on the results, you might get an opportunity to present your solution to the jury. That way, not only will you design a system to solve a problem, you can communicate your solution to the field experts, coming from both academia and industry.

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Application of physics in engineering

Analysis of electrical and electronic systems

Programming knowledge and MATLAB / Octave program tools

Modeling of thermodynamic systems

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics

Computer modeling, simulation and analysis of dynamic systems

Automation and nonlinear systems control

Dimensioning of machine and structural elements

Design of embedded and communication systems


Problem analysis

Presentation skills