Mathematics Arena

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The world is stacked with patterns. The essence of every process has an underlying logic to back it up. You might find yourselves looking for the right mathematical models to interpret surface tension, describe stellar dynamics, prove method efficiency, determine particle distribution within a material or simulate molecule behavior within a tumor. The Mathematics Arena provides you with a possibility to apply mathematical reasoning and tackle real world challenges in a diverse team. 


Don’t let the name of the arena fool you. You can’t do it alone, and a team consisting of only mathematicians will likely have to overcome various hurdles. You want people of various skills; mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists. You might be wondering now...saying...but there are so many different research fields, how do I choose the right people? No worries, the core competences will be defined by the mentoring team based on the upcoming tasks.



Because you will get a chance to find out what kind of challenges await you after finishing university. You will learn how to work in a team and be able to explore different uses of mathematical reasoning for new fields of research. You are probably curious to learn if you are ready to face the challenges which you can’t completely prepare for – this is the best way to do it! Finally, based on the results, you will get a unique opportunity to present your solution to the jury. That way, not only you can solve a problem, but you can communicate your solution to the field experts, coming from both academia and industry.

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Linear algebra




Probability and statistics


Presentation skills

Problem analysis