Science Arena

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In the Science Arena you might find yourself developing advanced medications, ensuring the balance of the environment, introducing new nutritive compounds, playing around with the circadian clock, studying insect behavioral patterns or enhancing core processes which make the very substance of the surrounding world. In any case, the challenges you will face within the Science Arena are driven by real-world applications and designed by a group of mentors coming from different fields of research.


You can’t do it alone; you need a team. Preferably a multidisciplinary team coming from biology, chemistry, biophysics and biotechnology. You might be wondering now...saying...but there are so many different research fields, how do I choose the right people? No worries, the core competences will be defined by the mentoring team based on the upcoming tasks.



Because you want to experience what challenges will look like once you have finished your studies. You will get to work in a team of brilliant like minded people for four days and together provide a unique take on the topic. Finally, based on the results, you will get a unique opportunity to present your solution to the jury. That way, not only you can solve a problem, but you can communicate your solution to the field experts, coming from both academia and industry.

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Organic chemistry

Analytical chemistry


Cellular and molecular biology

Behavioral genetics


Presentation skills

Problem analysis