Technology Arena


In the Technology Arena, students will compete in programming. Teams will be given various exercises from different computer engineering branches and their task will be to solve as many exercises as they can in the most efficient way.


Project Assignment

Exercises will be graded depending on the number of solved test examples of a certain exercise. Based on the number of points gained for repeated test examples solving, teams will be able to unlock new exercises. At one point, the main exercise will be unlocked. The main exercise task is to visualize it, design a creative optimal solution and present it to a panel of judges.

Who might compete in the Arena

Full time students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the related subfields of Digital and Computer Technologies (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Technology Arena.



Algorithms and data structures

Mathematics (graph theory, discrete mathematics, number theory, linear algebra)

Data science

Machine learning

Computer security


Presentation skills

Problem analysis

*Teams can choose which programming language they will use; however, they have to take the execution speed into consideration.

Mentoring team


Igor Rinkovec

Mentor Team Leader, FOI

Vanessa Keranović

Mentor Team Member, FER

Andro Merćep

Mentor Team Member, FER

Andro Mikulić

Mentor Team Member, FER

Alen Štruklec

Mentor Team Member, FER
Technology Robert Vaser

Robert Vaser

Mentor Team Member, FER

Lovro Vrček

Mentor Team Member, FER