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We are looking for esport experts! Those who know how to set up FPS and build a CS: GO server, those who can talk even more and with more passion about LoL than Ćosić about football, and those who know that esport does not exist without quality stream that they can set up with their eyes closed.


Experience in organizing esport tournaments is desirable, but if you are a gamer and know every detail of at least one (two if you are a caster) games organized, sign up and become part of the esports team at the Games 2020! With a little effort, you’ll become a pro before the Games;)


Tournaments are organized in ProEvolution Soccer, Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. We are looking for 2 leaders for each video game, 2 casters (each must be familiar with 2 games enough to comment on them), and a person for technical support for the stream.

Roles and responsibilities

  • In charge of the organization and regularity of competitions for certain esport
  • In charge of scheduling certain esport and communication with the esport Team Leader for coordination with other esports
  • In agreement with the esport Team Leader, writes the rulebook and determines the competition system
  • Takes care of the equipment, software and materials needed for certain esport during the Games
  • When necessary, makes refereeing decisions during the game after collecting information from both teams or in case of other emergencies in consultation with the esport Team Leader
  • Before the Games, makes decisions along with another leader of esport
  • At the Games, video game leaders alternate the function of the responsible person according to the schedule. In their shift they are responsible for completing tasks, but are available in both shifts.
  • Prepares stream schedule in consultation with esport Team Leader, including schedule and number of speakers
  • Decides on streaming platforms in collaboration with the esport Team Leader
  • Creates and maintains accounts on streaming platforms, including visual, text and promotional content
  • Defines all the visuals they need and communicate their needs with the design team
  • In collaboration with the partnerships team, defines a schedule of promotional materials
  • Each caster is in charge of two games
  • During the Games, looks for speakers among the audience and contestants that are not in the game
  • Comments on the games he is in charge of and promotes partners according to a schedule
  • In collaboration with stream technical support, maintains the quality of all stream content
  • Responsible for all streaming equipment and software
  • Defines everything he needs to set up the stream, including the time it takes to prepare the stream with all the requirements that will set casters, esport leaders, and the partnerships team
  • In collaboration with casters, maintains the quality of all content on the stream
  • Integrates all visual and audio content into the stream
  • Capable of resolving any technical issues that may occur, both hardware and software (within reasonable limits)
  • Responsible for the planning and performing the testing the equipment before the Games in collaboration with casters and esport leaders
  • At the Games, adjusts the content of the stream as needed

Comments from last year's members

These were my first STEM Games that I attended and I can honestly say that it was fantastic. I met a bunch of people that I had a lot in common with. I enjoyed the new challenges and the new knowledge I gained. I recommend everyone who is looking for a good team and fun times to join the STEM Games this year. A good time is guaranteed 😀


 I was thrilled by the Games because I was working under a lot of pressure with people I had just met and it worked out fantastic. I made new friends overnight, raised my organizational skills to a whole new level, and set a personal record for staying awake. STEM Games simply get the best out of people, and the eSport Arena is the best place to have fun...during the day 😀


The STEM Games have been an amazing experience. We worked a lot, and had fun even more 😀

Truly a real win win situation. Participating in the organization with over 150 organizers, I learned so much that it cannot be described, and also, STEM Games have such good energy, emotions and connection between all competitors, organizers and other participants that I would recommend everyone to experience it. It truly is a wonderful, unique experience.


The Games were a real challenge. With a lot of hard work and effort, we were able to make an event that paid off really well. Working in the organization brought me many experiences, and also the acquaintances that still exist today. Join us as while you have this rare opportunity! 😜


Experiencing STEM Games within an organization is really a unique experience.

You work your ass off, but you meet a great team, you learn a lot and you can eat really well :D.

I have always loved video games and esports, so I was really glad to be part of this team because I finally used that passion for gaming to great purpose and had the opportunity to share it with others along with the team.


Frequently asked questions

Team meetings are held at most once a week and primarily through Hangouts, so you can attend from anywhere!

If you are unable to attend a meeting, make sure to inform the team members about your work and read the summaries!

All team members need to have a personal computer (preferably a laptop) and a cell phone. Other equipment will be available at the Games.

We primarily communicate by Slack, track tasks through Trello, and hear (and see) each other using Hangouts.

Once the applications for eSport team members are closed, team leaders will review all applications and start the second round of selection, where you will speak face-to-face via Hangouts. After that, we will contact all those who have applied with a feedback information.

In order to participate in the STEM Games organization you do not have to be from Zagreb, not even from Croatia, or study at STEM faculty, all you need is a proper skillset, a will to work and a positive attitude for the event!

If you have a valid reason you can, but it is extremely important for us to have people who are in the organization from the beginning, leaving the organizing team just before the event is not okay! After all, it would be a shame to miss the Games.

If you wish to apply for the eSports organizing team, you can do so here.

If you wish to apply as a sports referee, you can do so here.