Dare to adapt! – Together in the Safe Mode

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As the battle on pandemic is still on, the Games are about to take place in a new edition

We would like to present to you STEM Games Safe Mode. The new edition is described in this year’s main theme, inspired by the last year’s events which turned our lives upside down overnight and which we haven’t finished coping with. Dare to adapt is the foundation for tasks that need to  be solved with innovative approaches to real life problems by students of different STEM fields. 

The main theme, Dare to Adapt, has been designed in collaboration with our general sponsor, Croatia osiguranje. The aim of this theme is to emphasise the importance of all STEM fields in tackling the pandemic, as well as the multidisciplinarity essential for it. Pressured by the multiplying problems and little time on our hands, we have adapted by switching into Safe Mode, so that we can face the challenges together.

Dare to adapt!

What do we do when a disease attacks not only the human body, but also the society as a whole? It’s a question that none of us had in mind when we were wishing each other a happy new 2020, a year that most are, without a doubt, glad to have left behind. We’ve since learned that toilet paper can be worth its weight in gold and that drinking bleach actually isn’t that good for us, but most importantly, we’ve learned that the abilities of our society’s immune system are on par with that of a single human being.

Big parties, crowded squares, concerts and the clinking of champagne glasses appear to be long gone. Now, a year and a change later, we seem to be living a new kind of life.
The pandemic has blurred the lines between the unimaginable and the necessary; reminded us that the hardest problems result in the most imaginative solutions, especially if the whole humanity unites in tackling them. As much as we strive to avoid every adversity, there is no doubt that we owe our very existence to them and that the necessity to adapt and resist unfavourable circumstances is the principal driving force behind the wondrous process of evolution that made us who we are.

Just as in the past we fought peril by evolving as human beings, we fight it now by evolving our ideas and gathering collective knowledge. We explore, experiment and analyse, unite forces and share ideas, arming ourselves with new defences that each make our society a bit stronger and more resilient. It was nature that struck, but it was the very same nature that taught us how to fight back.
That’s why we’ve decided to follow along and let the Games evolve. Today, we present to you STEM Games Safe Mode, a chance to join the immense effort in tackling the problems that took us by storm. This year, we dare you to adapt, we dare you to evolve and we dare you to impress us once again with the best you can do when you bring the STEM fields together!