STEM Games 2021

STEM Games is an international competition for students studying in STEM fields.

The STEM Games aim to encourage interdisciplinarity, provide opportunities to match strength in problem-solving, and promote university sport as well as a healthy lifestyle.


Unfortunate circumstances that do not allow the gatherings for the second year in a row made it impossible to organize STEM Games, the largest student competition in the region, in the form in which our participants know it. In anticipation of the time that will allow us to reunite the best STEM students and representatives of their future employers in one place, this year we are to achieve this through an online competition - STEM Games Safe Mode.

In this year's competition, interdisciplinary teams competed in solving problems from different disciplines of the STEM fields. The tasks are related to current topics to provide students with a different insight into the world of science and the STEM field as a whole.

What makes this student competition different from the others is that the students are given absolute freedom in using resources and finding solutions. Additionally, the tasks in STEM Games are not typical theoretical exercises, but simulated real-life problems that challenge the students to test their resourcefulness alongside their knowledge. 

With this year’s main theme, Dare to Adapt, we would like to emphasize the importance of adaptation and multidisciplinarity in tackling the pandemic, which has reminded us that the hardest problems result in the most imaginative solutions. The new situation we have found ourselves in has shown us that even though we try to avoid adversities as much as possible, we owe our very existence to them because the necessity to adapt and resist unfavorable circumstances is the principal driving force behind the wondrous process of evolution that made us who we are. Therefore, our message to all STEM Games contestants is: “Dare to adapt!”

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