Folks behind the new Games!

Anxiously waiting for round two? You can finally stop worrying because the preparations for the next Games, led by our trusty organizing team have started full speed ahead! Find out who’s behind this year’s Games!

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Be a part of the organisation team!

In the last post we have announced an open call for members in the STEM Games organisation team! We would like to invite all the ambitious students or faculty members who want to join our big family and help us raise STEM Games to a new level!

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Ready to level up?

What can we expect from STEM Games in 2019? We can’t reveal much for now, but we can say it will be bigger and better, open to all students who wish to compete, hang out, and meet; for those who want more – we are going to open call for volunteers soon, so feel free to join us and be a part of the team that will create STEM Games 2019!


B.U.R.E.K. and hoarse voices closed Games

The last day of the Games was marked by the arrival of Minister Divjak and organizing faculties’s board members. ETF Sarajevo charmed everyone with its B.U.R.E.K., and TVZ with the best male vocals (well, it is still questionable how good they sung, but the show was great).

STEM Games vikend

10 reasons to spend a weekend at the Games

One day you’ll have a career and kids and everyone will tell you you’re stuck in the routine of home-work-work-home. Imagine shutting everyone’s mouth saying “Where were you when I partied in the first STEM Games. I woke up one morning and said ‘da hell with everything. I’m spending this weekend in Poreč!’ and now I’m a part of the legend.”


Weekend at the Games!

If you didn’t make it to the Games as a competitor and want to be a part of this year’s Games so desperately that you are actually considering skydiving or or submarine invasion, don’t worry, we prepared the weekend arrangement at the Games for you! Appy form April, 16 – 29, but be fast as the number of arrangements is limited.


Find out (almost) everything about STEM Games

Upon the event announcement on the social media, the official STEM Games website as well as numerous rumors on what STEM Games actually is, a lecture All about STEM Games was held on March 14 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Watch the lecture and apply for the first STEM Games.

STEM Games predavanje na FER-u

Lecture on STEM Games at FER

You think that participating in STEM Games would be a great experience but you still haven’t decided which category to compete in? Join us on STEM Games lecture on Wednesday, March 14 at 6:15 PM at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb and find out everything you want to know straight from the horse’s mouth.


Pre-applications for STEM Games are open

Pre-applications for STEM Games are now open! The event will be organised for the first time in Europe, in Poreč from May, 8 to 13, 2018. Over 1,000 students will compete in problem-solving exercises and sports learn about trends and innovations during educational programs and relax and have fun in the afternoon and evenings. Pre-applications are open until March 25, 2018, after which the faculties will choose their representatives by April 8th.


Croatia osiguranje as a general STEM Games sponsor

Organization of the event such as STEM Games requires a lot of enthusiasm, energy and caffeine. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have partners who appreciate one’s efforts, creative ideas and support their realization. We are extremely happy to announce that Croatia osiguranje, as an agile company dedicated to new technologies, recognized the importance and an innovative concept of the event and has become the general STEM Games sponsor.

NextGen Society

STEM Games: NextGen Society

You are here to come up with your own idea, take risk, spread diversity and boost social network interaction while defending privacy, you are here to keep the net neutral, you are here to be the hero of our times. It is you who can harness the technology and tailor it to the needs of the humanity – not the other way around. Turn words into actions and reshape the world we live in for the generations to come.