Call for Mentors

STEM Games problem solving competition enables students to tackle real world challenges in multidisciplinary teams. The challenges are designed separately for each of the four Arenas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). But you may wonder, who designs the challenges? It is done by a group of extraordinary young people such as PhD students, academia representatives, young professionals and exceptional Master’s students, all coming from different areas of expertise. The university days for them are not far behind and they have a plethora of interesting and challenging topics which will intrigue the competitors as well as introduce them to new areas. The diversity of the mentoring team is the most important component which not only enables the multidisciplinarity of the challenges, but enables mentors to expand their horizons.

Being a mentor sounds intriguing? You are in the right place! By applying to take part in STEM Games 2023 as a mentor, you are getting a unique opportunity to work with the top students from different parts of Europe, transfer your experience and introduce them to the cutting edge topics, problems and approaches. Furthermore, you will meet highly skilled peers coming from different areas and by working together on task design, you will also have a chance to grow and expand your horizons.

Choose the right Arena and apply now to leave your mark on the STEM Games 2023!

If you would like to join problem-solving team send us an e-mail at 

Frequently asked questions

Mentoring roles are focused to teaching assistants, industry professionals, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students with exquisite interests, experience and achievements. However, they are not restricted to those positions because we know that exquisite people usually don’t fit into standard categories!

Science -  biology, chemistry, biophysics, biotechnology or a related field

Technology - computer sciences, mathematics, physics, engineering or a related field

Engineering - mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, automation, mechatronics, physics or a related field

Mathematics - mathematics, physics, computer sciences and engineering or a related field

Mentors take the responsibility to contribute in the preparation of the upcoming event by designing this years challenge for their Arena. Challenge design consists of problem design, material preparation, definition of core competencies required from the participants and definition of the evaluation criteria.

During the competition, the mentors are present in the arena, helping the participants with any questions they may have. At the end of each competition day, mentors are responsible to evaluate submitted solutions and update score for each team.

Food and accommodation is covered for the Mentor during the complete event. Also, it is possible to get to the location of the event with our transport from several locations in Croatia (e.g. Zagreb).

Every Arena has one Mentor Lead, who is responsible for coordination of the other Mentors during challenge design, as well as during the event. Since parts of the challenge for every Arena are made in collaboration with sponsors, the Mentor Lead communicates with sponsor representatives on how to include them into the challenge design.

A Mentor is not expected to pose a complete challenge on their own, but through a joint effort together with other Mentors. It is beneficial that every Mentor suggest possible topics and see how they may be combined with topic suggestions posed by other Mentors.

A good challenge must have a clear topic, be broken down into distinct tasks and have a possibility to be approached in more than one way. It is always useful if there is a good case study.

Don’t worry and welcome to the 21st century! Internet is a blessing and remote work is a normal thing. Also, collaborative tools make our life a lot easier!