Event program

The main theme brings together all four STEM fields - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and directs STEM Games contestants and participants towards the questions and challenges we are facing. It also determines the subthemes - specific problems that students will be solving while demonstrating their knowledge and competing in STEM Games Arenas.

Competition in problem-solving exercises

Students will do problem-solving exercises in STEM Games Arenas. STEM Games is an innovative team three-day concept of students competing in carrying out four thematic project assignments stemming from each of the fields.


Students can compete in nine sports. Participating in sporting competition events develops a competitive spirit, teach students the notion of fair play and encourages them to engage in sporting events.

Educational program

In addition to competition events, students will be provided with opportunities to participate in lectures, discussions and round tables on current STEM trends and challenges to be faced with in the future.

Entertainment program

The competition part of the event will be complemented with excellent fun during day and a rich evening program giving students opportunities to let their hair down, get to know each other and hang out.