Technology Arena

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In the Technology Arena, students will compete in programming. Teams will be given various exercises from different computer engineering branches and their task will be to solve as many exercises as they can in the most efficient way.


Solving communication

In the past several decades, we have seen information technology skyrocket through every boundary we could imagine. This is especially apparent in the case of vast amounts of generated data, which requires development of highly optimized algorithms and design of efficient machine learning models. Our communication channels need to grow and be sustainable as they are the foundation for building new and exciting systems. This battle takes tremendous amounts of knowledge, since the need for communication will grow every single day. We are going to need help if we are to continue broadening our horizons and continue our quest towards knowledge.


Project Assignment

Exercises will be graded depending on the number of solved test examples of a certain exercise. Based on the number of points gained for repeated test examples solving, teams will be able to unlock new exercises. At one point, the main exercise will be unlocked. The main exercise task is to visualize it, design a creative optimal solution and present it to a panel of judges.

Who might compete in the Arena

Full time students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the related subfields of Digital and Computer Technologies (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Technology Arena.


Download the results

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Algorithms and data structures

Graph theory, discrete mathematics, number theory, linear algebra

Data science

Machine learning

Computer security


Presentation skills

Problem analysis

*Teams can choose which programming language they will use; however, they have to take the execution speed into consideration.

Mentoring team


Igor Rinkovec

Mentor Team Leader, FOI

Vanessa Keranović

Mentor Team Member, FER

Andro Merćep

Mentor Team Member, FER

Andro Mikulić

Mentor Team Member, FER

Alen Štruklec

Mentor Team Member, FER
Technology Robert Vaser

Robert Vaser

Mentor Team Member, FER

Lovro Vrček

Mentor Team Member, FER

Industry mentors


Filip Paradžik

Mentor team member, Croatia osiguranje

Filip Paradžik is a life insurance actuary at Croatia Insurance Company Plc. He graduated in financial mathematics and statistics from Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek where he afterwards also gained work experience working as an assistant professor.


Infobip, fotografija mentora (Roko Gudić)

Roko Gudić

Mentor team member, Infobip

Roko Gudić is a Data Scientist at Infobip. He worked in both banking and telco industry, giving him enough business knowledge and analytic nose to tackle new and exciting problems. Currently works mainly with customer-related data in Data & Analytics team on problems such as time-series anomaly detection & forecasting as well as NLP.

Ana Škaro

Ana Škaro

Mentor team member, AVL-AST

Ana Škaro was born in Šibenik in 1993. After graduating from a gymnasium and completing secondary music education, she enrolled at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. She graduated from there in 2017 in computer science, with a thesis on “Microscopic object reconstruction using compressive sensing method”. After graduation, she joined AVL’s Big Data team in Zagreb. She is currently working on fleet monitoring projects for numerous AVL’s clients. In 2018, she was one of the speakers at the WIDS conference in Zagreb.

Marko Ivic

Marko Ivić

Mentor team member, PBZ

Marko Ivić graduated with a Master’s degree in computing from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in his hometown of Zagreb. He started off his career as a student, developing and maintaining web applications. After He participated in various projects in data science, machine learning, application of blockchain technology in banking and integration of enterprise tools with the Hadoop ecosystem.



Infobip, biografija žirija (Dragan Benčić)

Dragan Benčić

Jury member, Infobip

Dragan Benčić is a software engineer and leader with almost 20 years of experience in software development. As a Senior Software Engineer and Product Architect in the last 10 years of his journey with Infobip he has led multiple teams, projects and participated actively in building Infobip’s global development organization. His specialties include talent recognition, designing and implementing programs that help young developers kick off their career.

Technology Hrvoje Mihaldinec

Hrvoje Mihaldinec

Jury member, FER

Hrvoje Mihaldinec, MEng is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. He works at the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing at the position of a senior researcher. Within his doctoral thesis, he studies possibilities of ultra-wideband technology for the purpose of movement localization, monitoring and classification of a studied object in limited space focusing on a human movement analysis. He used to work as an adjunct associate in Nokia Siemens Networks on an international project whose aim was to develop new solutions of base stations based on Linux. He worked on ICTGEN (Information and communication technology for generic and energy-efficient communication solutions with application in e-/m-health) project on studying wireless sensor networks for monitoring environment parameters. He currently works on a research project entitled “Development of new generations of embedded computer platforms applied in high reliability systems” within the Faculty and Končar Institute cooperation.

Technology Ivančica Kraljević Bačlija

Ivančica Kraljević Bačlija

Jury member, Croatia osiguranje

Ivančica Kraljević Bačlija is the IT Sector Director at Croatia Insurance Company Plc. Throughout her career, she has taken on various management positions at Croatian Telecom Inc. and Zagreb Fair. She graduated from Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin and obtained a specialist degree in management from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb.

Vedran Čaćić

Vedran Čačić

Jury member, PMF Zagreb

Vedran Čačić, a mathematician and logician by expertise and a computer scientist through force of circumstance, works at the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb as a docent at the Department of Computing. Except for a short period of work on an ethical bank project, he has spent all of his professional life in the comfort of academia, where working on the same problem for 5 years is by no means uncommon. Combining that with a family of four leaves him with very little free time, but what “free time” is is really a matter of semantics, especially for those who love their jobs. He tends to assign his students a lot of work, but they still don’t hate him for it (enough). At times when he gets some free time on his hands, he writes a textbook of some kind or some compiler for an exotic programming language.