Extra activities

Drone Racing

If your drone is sad because you never take it out, now is your chance to prove that you are not that bad of an owner after all. Bring your flying pet to the STEM Games Drone Race arena and show it the time of its life.


If you don’t think cod is just a fish and if lol doesn’t remind you of laughing, you’ll be happy to hear that we will have a real gaming haven at the Games. Team up and show everyone how a STEM super combo is done.

Beer pong

You’re saying that you’re good at beer pong? Well, everybody says so, but few can prove it. We give you a chance to show all the haters that you always were and always will be the ultimate champion of this ancient college sport.

Treasure hunt

If you loved chocolate egg hunts when you were a child, then the time has come to become one again and unleash your adventurous spirit at the STEM Games Treasure Hunt.

Alias tournament

You consider yourself elocquant (or whatever the word is, anyway)? You were the star student of your high school’s bar? This is your time to shine. Prove that you know that dictionaries exist outside of Python and show off your rich vocabulary in the evergreen of word games - Alias!


An activity that the musically gifted of you (as well as those who feel that way) will sure enjoy. Apply, get up in front of the crowd and prove that you have no shame in showing off your singing (anti-)talents.

STEM quiz

If you keep annoying your friends with totally random facts, we have an activity where you’ll feel at home. The STEM quiz is a place where all of you internet procrastination finally pays off.

Bench press class and contest

They say only the fittest survive, but to become the fittest is no easy task. Venture into the world of strength in our bench press class where the fittest of FER’s Powerlifting squad will teach you the secrets of success.

"Bela" card game tournament

For those of you unlucky in love, we have prepared a card game tournament in Croatia’s favourite game of “Bela”.

Self-defense class - Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Croatia osiguranje will make sure you stay safe at the Games, but a couple of students from Osijek will teach you how to stay safe once the Games are over. In their jiu-jitsu class, they will teach you the basic self-defense techniques and do their best to make them fun to try on your partners.

Tug of war

There are so many various competitions at the Games that even we who organize them have a hard time keeping track. There is only one competition though, whose winner is worthy of being declared the ultimate champion of the Games. You have guessed it, we are talking about the most challenging of our competitions, one which requires extreme levels of alertness, strength and coordination - the Tug of War.

A visit to the Višnjan observatory and an astronomy lecture at the Games

We wanted to make the Games a complete experience, so alongside the competitive euphoria and tons of parties, we decided to add in a little romance. Take your significant other to the Visnjan observatory and show her that, in your life, she’s the shiniest of all the stars. For those of you who are single, there is a lecture on astronomy as well.