STEM Games Drone Race Arena

What is the STEM Games Drone Race Arena?

The Drone Race is a competition where competitors compete in flying multirotors, demonstrating their skill and speed. The objective is to complete a course consisting of "gates" they need to fly through. Those are strategically laid out in a way that makes the task challenging. The pilot controls their drone using a radio remote control device while wearing special goggles that display the stream from the camera mounted on the drone. That way the pilots get to fly their drones as if they were in the drones themselves.


What do I need to participate?

To compete you need the following:

  • A multirotor drone that has:
    • Exactly four rotors (a quadcopter)
    • A frame size no larger than 330mm (axle to axle)
    • No more than six cells connected in series in the battery (<= 6S)
    • Propellers no larger than 6 inches in diameter
    • A weight of no more than 1 kg
    • A failsafe system that stops the motors
    • A video link transmitter that has no more than 25 mW of power
  • A head-mount or portable display


When and where will the competition take place?

The competition will take place indoors at the Valamar Lanterna resort. The competition area will be secured with a safety net to allow undisturbed watching of the event.

The competition will take place over two days:

  • Friday, May 10th - the qualifying round
  • Saturday, May 11th - the finals

In the days before the competition, competitors can practice flying or help set the course. Mains power and space for the equipment will be provided at the venue.


Who can participate?

The applications for participation arranged by educational institutions are now closed. You can still apply for participation through our weekend package, regardless of whether you're a student or not. After you submit your application by filling out the form below, we will automatically sign you up for the weekend package. Keep in mind that it does not include transportation, which you have to take care of yourself.

You can apply for the event using the form below.