STEM Games eSports Arena

The applications for this year's eSports competition are now closed.


What is the STEM Games eSports Arena?

eSports refers to tournaments in which participants compete in playing multiplayer video games. The players prove their skills by playing against contending teams, and in order to win, they have to demonstrate skill, agility, tactics and exceptional teamwork. Owing to the great popularity of both professional and amateur level eSports tournaments, especially among STEM students, there will be an eSports Arena at the 2019 STEM Games. The Arena will host competitions in a number of different categories (games) that will consist of separate stages. A winner will be decided for each of the categories.


What are the categories?

Players can compete in the following categories:

  • League of Legends
    • Five player teams
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Five player teams
  • Hearthstone
    • Three player teams
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2019)
    • Two player teams
  • FIFA (FIFA 2019)
    • Two player teams


What do I need to compete?

We will provide most of the necessary equipment. That includes computers, consoles, peripherals and the like. If you plan on competing in LOL and CSGO, you will need to bring your own headset.

In the days before the competition, players will be free to test the equipment we provide and train for the competition.


When and where will the competition take place?

The competition will take place at the Valamar Lanterna resort in an indoor facility, separated from the rest of the extra activities.

The competition will take place over two days:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, May 8-9 - first round
  • Friday, May 10 - the finals


Who can participate?

If you’re studying at one of the higher education institutions that are participating at STEM Games, you can participate in the eSports competition. You can apply by using the form below. After you apply, we will forward your application to the student representatives of your institution, who will provide further information regarding transportation and accommodation. You will need to provide information about your team members who have to be studying at the same institution. Substitutes and coaches are allowed.