Mathematics Arena


Once we finally go to Mars, what forces of nature can we expect there? Can our rocket survive flight to our base? Can math help us prepare for unexpected and unknown? Let your team describe your mathematical rocket and fly it to the victory!

In the Mathematics Arena, students will compete in mathematical modelling and solving problems using computers. Skills related to applying mathematical concepts, methods for solving physics problems, algorithm and abstract thinking and programming skills are required.


Project assignment

The project assignment consists of three related stages which include set up a model, implementing numerical methods and numerical simulations. The competition will be organized in three days each of which represents one competition stage. Teams will be given an assignment in the morning, deal with it during the day and present their solutions to supervisors in the afternoon. Team solutions are graded and ranked each day. The best teams will qualify for and compete in the finals in the fourth day of the competition when they will present their solutions to a panel of judges who will announce the winner of the Mathematics Arena.

Who might compete in the Arena

Full time students studying Mathematics, Physics and Technical Sciences such as Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Mathematics Arena.



Mathematical analysis and modelling

Differential equations

Linear and non-linear equations and systems

Basics of numerical mathematics

Algorithmic thinking

Programming and MATLAB/Octave programming tools

Team work

Presentation skills

Problem analysis

Download Mathematics Arena project assignments

Mentoring team

Mathematics Josip Žubrinić

Josip Žubrinić

Mentor Team Lead, FER
Mathematics Andro Merćep

Andro Merćep

Mentor Team Member, FER
Mathematics Maja Jurisic Bellotti

Maja Jurušić Bellotti

Mentor Team Member, FER
Mathematics Mateja Đumić

Mateja Đumić

Mentor Team Member, MathOS

Jury members

Mathematics Petra Gospodnetić

Petra Gospodnetić

Jury Member, ITWM Fraunhofer

Petra is a PhD candidate at Fraunhofer ITWM, working on development of visual inspection systems and performance optimization. She usually doesn't choose the easier way but the more fun one. Therefore her work sits in between several major fields such as computer vision, computer graphics and robotics It's a blast to work on problems which arise when merging different areas, but it also keeps you on your toes as you are basically running a race to learn everything you need to know and implement it the way you imagined a finite amount of time.

Mathematics Tomislav Burić

Tomislav Burić

Jury Member, FER

Tomislav Burić, PhD, was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He got his master degree in electrical engineering in 2007 at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, and PhD degree in mathematics in 2011 at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. From July 2007 he has been working at the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb: till 2011 as teaching assistant, from 2011 to 2015 as postdoctorate and from February 2015 till today as assistant professor. He teaches undergraduate courses Calculus and Probability and Statistics, and graduate course Complex Analysis. In 2012 he got faculty award for excellence in teaching and working with students.

Mathematics Lidija Pecigoš Višnjić

Lidija Pecigoš Višnjić

Jury Member, Croatia osiguranje

Lidija Pecigoš Višnjić, Master of Actuarial Mathematics (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb), is a licensed actuary and a CEO of the Department of Motor Vehicle Insurance at Croatia osiguranje. She has built her career in IT, pharmaceuticals and insurance and financial industry by applying advanced mathematical methods of probability and statistics as well as financial mathematics in risk assessment.

Mathematics Petar Babić

Petar Babić

Jury Member, VIPNet

Upon graduating in Applied Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, Petar got a job in Zagrebačka banka as a specialist in the Department of Market Intelligence and Business Modelling. He gained experience in the application of mathematical modelling methods in banking while working on analysing and informing clients, their activities, profitability and risks. Having interest in the field of machine learning and a wide application in different industries has resulted in him transfering to the position of a specialist in the Department of Advanced Analytics in mStart in May 2016. He carries out research, develops methods in Retail industry and designs a web portal for customers, products and stores for the biggest retail chain in Croatia. Some of the used analytical methods are a geospatial analysis and visualization of shopping habits on an interactive map of Croatia, development of predictive models for prediction of demands by carrying out the analysis of time series and price elasticity influence, seasonality, sales and other important parameters, market-based analysis of shopping habits for the analysis of product associations and other methods for segmentation of customers and their habits. Since April 2018, Petar has been working on the position of a senior manager of key CRVM projects in Vipnet.

Mathematics Siniša Miličić

Siniša Miličić

Jury Member, UNIPU

Siniša Miličić is a mathematician with interests in unusual things. In his spare time, he is covered in chalk dust, reads or programs in Phython and in his not to spare time, he is covered in chalk dust, explains Greek, Latin or Arabic etymology of mathematical phrases or programs in Phyton. His conducts research in fractal geometry and analysis but also likes to play with dynamics and computer science. He obtained his Doctoral degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb in 2013 and currently works at the Faculty of Informatics in Pula. Born and raised in Zagreb, he and his wife relocated to Istria because of better climate and the sea. His favorite quote is the one by Alfred Renyia “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems”. He plays Tetris, rides a bike, sails and skies.