Science Arena


Can we utilize new technologies in healthcare and medical treatments? Can we enhance our existing drugs with new knowledge? Is a cure for cancer just around the corner? In the Science Arena, teams will try to solve tasks in field of smart medicine technologies.

In the Science Arena, students will solve project assignments in different branches of Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Biophysics. The aim is to solve an exercise in the most efficient, realistic and a budget-friendly way.


Project assignment

The project assignment consists of three related stages. The competition will be organized in three days each of which represents one competition stage. Teams will be given an assignment in the morning, deal with it during the day and present their solutions to supervisors in the afternoon. Team solutions are graded and ranked each day. The best teams will qualify for and compete in the finals in the fourth day of the competition when they will present their solutions to a panel of judges who will announce the winner of the Science Arena.

Who might compete in the Arena

Full time students studying in the field of Natural Sciences and the related subfields of Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Biophysics (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Science Arena.



Organic chemistry

General chemistry

Bioorganic chemistry

Molecular biology


Industrial processes and solutions

Team work

Presentation skills

Problem analysis

Download Science Arena project assignments

Mentoring team

Science Gabriela Begić

Gabriela Begić

Mentor Team Lead, UNIRI
Science Glorija Medak

Glorija Medak

Mentor Team Member, PMF Zagreb

Pegi Pavletić

Mentor Team Member, UNIRI
Science Edi Topić

Edi Topić

Mentor Team Member, Pliva
Science Ana Bura

Ana Bura

Mentor Team Member, UNIRI
Science Matea Rob

Matea Rob

Mentor Team Member, UNIRI

Jury members

Science Nicholas J Bradshaw

Nicholas J. Bradshaw

Jury Member, UNIRI

I am a British-born cellular neuroscientist, trained in Edinburgh and Düsseldorf. I arrived in Croatia a year ago as an assistant professor (docent) at the University of Rijeka, and am now establishing a laboratory there. My research is focused on identifying and understanding proteins involved in the development of chronic mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia and major depressive disorder.

Science Sofia Blažević

Sofia Blažević

Jury Member, PMF Zagreb

Born in Argentina, raised in Puerto Rico, I decided to follow my heart and roots and returned to Croatia where I graduated in molecular biology. I currently work as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. My conduct research in the field of molecular-based behavior.

Science Matija Subašić Maras

Matija Subašić-Maras

Jury Member, Croatia osiguranje

Matija Subašić-Maras is a CEO of Human Resources at Croatia osiguranje d.o.o. She has built her successful career in the field of human resources management in pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Pliva where she was involved in research and development of new drugs. She graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.