Friday – the day before the finals

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After a night of partying, a short recovery period followed on Friday morning, before the competitions for that day started, meaning that the morning began with breakfast and lots of coffee. Early in the morning, our competitors headed towards Hotel Coral and their respective Arenas where they would fight for any remaining points they could get before the finals.

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As our competitors worried about their tasks, the first sports matches began, including futsal, volleyball, and table tennis. The beautiful sunny afternoon was reserved for basketball, handball, beach volleyball and cross country.

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The eSports arena opened its doors in the morning as well, hosting intense semifinals and third-place matches in LOL and CS:GO, followed by FIFA and Rocket League after lunch.


Career’s Day was hosted successfully, and anyone was able to see just exactly various firms were occupied with, followed by a belote, briškula and trešeta tournament with a view of the sparkling sea.

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After all the competitions, the weekend at the Games was officially open and preparations for the first concert began not long after. Vesna Pisarović received a warm welcome and did not disappoint as the following parties lasted well until dawn.

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