The Games are over!


On Saturday, we got to experience a flawless atmosphere. The morning after Vesna’s concert dawned and brought along with it the remaining sports finals. The first battle for first place that day was in handball, followed by futsal, basketball and then beach volleyball. Our additional program included a bench press contest in the morning hours as well.


Early on in the day we saw the beginning of the eSports finals as well, starting off with Rocket League. After an intense final, LOL was next on the roster, followed by FIFA. By the time the last final came, the arena was packed with people, and with the final in CS:GO, all the competitions in the eSports arena came to an end.


After a lunch break, the problem-solving arena finalists presented their task solutions in front of the mentors and a jury of experts. The presentations, which occurred in the amphitheater under the warm Umag sun, went swimmingly and all the ideas were innovative, interesting, and creative, with a couple of humorous ones. The afternoon also saw the networking event.

Peti dan-227

After all the competitions ended, it was finally time to introduce all the winners and to hold the medal ceremony, which marked the grand finale of the 2023 STEM Games. All the competitors and organization team members spent this final evening relaxing, having fun and hanging out with friends and, with the addition of that evening’s concert, brought this year’s STEM Games to a stylish end.

Peti dan-315

Months of preparations have led to this moment, and now the Games are over. In the end, all the laughter and fun moments were more than worth all the effort, which is why the STEM Games organization team wishes everyone – a huge thank you!

We will see you next year!