Games without limits

naslovna_slika – Gamesi bez granica

Are you a student of an university outside Croatia and you always wanted to visit the beautiful Adriatic coast, but you never got a chance to do it? Or you are studying in Croatia but want to meet people who are not from your city or country and share your life experiences? Come to the Games 2020 in Rovinj!


STEM Games are an international student competition that support participants from all parts of Croatia and beyond. So far, with their participation, Games were enriched by not a small number of foreign students, and the number of faculties that are joining us is increasing year after year! Games support participation of students of all nationalities, as well as collaboration with foreign companies, institutes and industry professionals.


Take things into your own hands and don’t let the Games 2020 slip out of your sight because this is your chance to contribute on an international level. This year, you can visit charming town on the Istrian coast, Rovinj, and leave a good impression about your faculty, city or country, since the Games encourage diversity, fellowship and original ideas. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity and enrich the STEM Games with your knowledge, creativity and positive spirit, and we will pay you back double. You will return home full of impressions, memories, with new friends, love and contacts.


No matter what STEM faculty you study at or what country you come from, at the Games 2020 we are waiting for you with smiling faces and arms wide open. Words can not illustrate the feeling and spirit of the Games, so do not hesitate to apply and stay up to date, because this year the only limit is the sky! 😀