Let the safe Games begin

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Even though you’re not rushing down the faculty hallways now, you’ve certainly heard stories of some big student competition on the coast in previous years.

What unites physicists, engineers, athletes and hardcore gamers? STEM Games, of course!

In the past years, we packed our suitcases, looking forward to days of tireless work and wonderful experiences, while this year we are preparing for slightly different, safer adventures.

Adapting to the circumstances resulted in the new edition of the Games; STEM Games safe mode. This year also we can not gather in large numbers, compete face-to-face or enjoy concerts, but you will still have the opportunity to compete in the entire STEM area in an online competition that will surely bring you new knowledge, hone already known skills, feed your enthusiasm and competitiveness, and perhaps connect you to potential employers.

We bring you a three-day team interdisciplinary competition, and we expect cooperation and persistent enthusiasm from you.

In order for the Games to shine in full splendor, we need hard-working and cheerful teammates to help bring together more than 15 higher education institutions and set up our favorite competition in an online format.

The Games aren’t just made up of competitors, thereby we’re looking for new members of the organising team; from students to faculty members of all affinities.

Wondering who takes part in organising a competition of this kind?

  • IT team that will take care of the software
  • operational team that will make sure that everything goes according to plan
  • marketing and communications team to make the competition shine in the media and reach a wider audience
  • partnership team because interdisciplinarity and industrial cooperation are the key to success
  • a problem-solving team that will design creative STEM assignments

To all enthusiastic people eager for new challenges, the Games are a wonderful opportunity to upgrade their resume and a valuable experience in organizing an international event that has something for everyone!

Applications for the organising team last are open till February 12, hurry up because seats are limited!