Get to know the problem-solving competition


Every year, our problem-solving competition attracts a large number of students who compete in four Arenas – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the Games, contestants are not given typical exam-type questions, but rather problems of a practical nature. This means that the best team is not the one that’s the most academically successful, but rather the one that manages to solve the task in an interesting and creative way! The problems are put together by mentors, young experts who enable competitors to see the issues faced in their industry firsthand. 

When it comes to successfully solving a problem, teamwork is a crucial aspect. Here at the Games, we encourage participants from different institutions and fields of study to come together and work as a team, so that they can approach the problems in different ways and from multiple points of view. Naturally, working in a team is more fun as well! It is a way to hang out with and meet colleagues from different institutions, as well as cooperate with them and, ultimately, learn from them!

For more information about the STEM Games problem-solving competition, you can watch a short video by clicking on the link!