Meet the event partners of the Games!

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After introducing you to our general sponsor, as well as to our theme, mentor and
eSport sponsors, it is time to introduce you to our event partners– Vertiv, AITAC

Vertiv is a leading infrastructure supplier in the fields of IT and telecommunication,
operating in Croatia since 2017 under the name Vertiv Croatia, boasting over 500
employees. Vertiv solves the most important challenges faced by data centers,
communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities, and offers
solutions for power, cooling, and IT infrastructure as well as services that extend
from the cloud to the edge of the network. It delivers hardware, software, analytics,
and other services to its users in order to secure continuous operation and optimal
functioning and growth of user applications.

The AITAC group offers Engineering, CAD-PLM Consultancies, and 3D scanning
Within the Engineering segment, the focus is on mega yachts, complex cruisers, and
military vessels as well. AITAC’s clients are design offices, shipyards, and
engineering offices mainly from Europe. The CAD-PLM Consultancy segment of
business serves the global world market and although it is primarily focused on the
M&O industry, we can offer our services in other complementary industries such as:
the automotive, aerospace, process industry, etc. 3D scanning services are mainly
focused on retrofit projects and with the consultancy part, represent a cross-selling
channel for our core business - engineering.
The headquarters of the company is located in Croatia (AITAC d.o.o.) but due to the
international character of their business, they also operate in Germany, the
Netherlands and France. Today, AITAC is a globally renowned company that sets
itself apart from its competition in a couple of aspects, above all in their attitude
towards employees as well as their company culture, ownership structure, and
finally in the wide spectrum of high-standard services they provide.

In the field of power engineering, KONČAR is a synonym for tradition, trust,
competence, innovativeness, and top-quality technology. Today, KONČAR is the
regional leader in power engineering and railway solutions and is also involved in
the production, transport and distribution of electrical energy, digital solutions, and platforms, with an emphasis on personal growth and innovation. Inspired by challenges, KONČAR develops modern solutions for the electrical industry,
contributes to local production, and supports our society’s energy sustainability.