STEM Games etiquette

  1. STEM Games or Games. Every time you refer to STEM Games as STEM, a unicorn dies. For real!
  2. Even though “no” means “yes” in Greek, we’re in Croatia so “no” means “no”.
  3. Look after your bracelets. Don’t be Mexicans and jump over the wall.
  4. Throwing beds through the windows is off limits. You need to sleep on something. Floors are too hard.
  5. No one should feel neglected or left out in STEM Games. Geeks, invite jocks for a drink. Jocks usually bring some girls so it’s a win-win situation.
  6. There is no violence or forcing anything on STEM Games. Don’t force yourself; cooks will prepare food tomorrow as well.
  7. Partying does not equal staying in a room playing games. If you really have to play games, go outside and include your friends.
  8. Singing is not tolerated unless it includes singing trash hits from the 90s.
  9. STEM Games do not tolerate discrimination. Students with 2.0 GPA are equally good as those with 5.0 GPA.
  10. Pickles and milk are not the ideal combination for your stomach.
  11. The Arenas are mentally and sporting tournaments physically exhausting. Support your teams both mentally and physically.
  12. Menthol bonbons and Coca-Cola are no-go. Even worse combination than pickles and milk and that’s difficult to compete with.
  13. Look after your friends. If they are thirsty, give them a glass of water instead of dropping them into the sea.
  14. If you really want to study, study out loud so that everyone can learn something.
  15. If you plan to listen to Vuco, be ready to rise from the ashes and come down to breakfast at 8 AM.
  16. The fact that Croatia osiguranje is the general sponsor does not mean they will cover for the damage you do.
  17. If you see a pretty girl, use some pick-up lines you’d practice and approach her.
  18. If you see a guy staring at you, he’s probably rehearsing pick-up lines.
  19. The STEM Games theme is NextGen Society. Don’t be a caveman.
  20. If you plan on throwing a party in your room, think twice cos you’ll have to clean up the mess. Clubs and beaches are always a better choice than a stinky bed.
  21. The educational sections are organized for you. A beach can wait until presentations/panels are over.
  22. You’re the future of Croatia. Set a better example than you’ve got.
  23. “Mom, don’t call a doctor!” we have the organizers for that. Even better – don’t need a doctor.
  24. All-you-can-eat restaurants provide an excellent food choice. Food is not a Pokemon; you don’t have to get them all.
  25. Don’t go to the sea if you’re drunk. No one has two lives and neither do you.
  26. While beds are rocking don’t make them burn.
  27. Even though the world loves the champions, it doesn’t mean that losers can’t have fun.
  28. Keep up with a daily schedule. We haven’t made it to keep ourselves busy.
  29. Dear fans, every now and then, take 10 and actually cheer. It can be fun and exciting.
  30. Some suites have their own kitchens. This is not “3, 2, 1 cook”. There, we let the cat out of the bag. Chill and eat in a restaurant.
  31. Use the Facebook group for participants. You might find your soulmate or a person you’re on the same page.
  32. A photo on Instagram or Facebook without a hashtag #STEMgames2018 has fewer likes than the one with the hashtag. The same applies to the Story.
  33. Everything you break, you’ll pay from the deposit money. There are so many better ways to spend your money. Trust us!