Weekend and the Games in Rovinj!


You’ve missed a chance to apply yourself or you just couldn’t form a team for the problem-solving, sports, or eSports competition. Well, there is no need to worry because we’ve prepared the craziest Games 2022 weekend arrangement for you and your squad.

Maybe the weekend to you sounds like it is “just two regular days”, but you are at the right place to change your mind and have proven to you that the weekend is not “just two regular days”. The weekend arrangement at the Games includes:

  • two nights May 20 and 21 – in Rovinj, in the resort Polari, right next to resort Villas Rubin where all the competitors and members of the organization STEM Games team will be accommodated!
  • one full board + one half-board – you can forget about faculty canteens for two days because you will be enjoying delicious food in the restaurant with a view to the sea
  • access to the problem-solving, sports, and eSports competition finals – you will be able to cheer for your favorite teams and colleagues from your or other faculties, or the people you will meet in those two spectacular days
  • participation in the additional program – if you aren’t a Games competitor, but beer pong and treasure hunt sound interesting to you and have been on your bucket list for a long time now, you can still be a part of them and finally check them off your list
  • two concerts – what kind of a weekend is it without the best and craziest concerts that the Games has ever seen?

We believe that these five points have proven to you that these two days at the Games aren’t just regular two days in the week. They are two of the craziest days that you can spend in Rovinj after all the April mid-term exams and projects. Also, you can also come if you aren’t student anymore!

The applications for the weekend arrangement are open from April 25th till May 1st, so hurry up!


The link for the application and additional information you can find here.

See you at the craziest weekend in Rovinj and until then,