Why will you like working for Croatia Osiguranje?


In our new blog you can read about the experiences of Croatia Osiguranje’s employees; their career paths, work tasks and what’s so great about working for Croatia Osiguranje. It is a place where different professions intersect and some of the most important ones are Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, and DevOps Engineer. 


Marijana Reich and Mario Zulić, Scrum Masters at Croatia Osiguranje: “We’re going through a digital transformation and building the insurance of the future.”


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Marijana and Mario are the face of the IT teams, they take care of the organisation, motivation, and productivity. Scrum is a frame that uses agile thinking for development, delivery, and maintenance of complex products, with an emphasis on software development. Croatia Osiguranje is working on large projects and new technologies, such as automation and complex integration, with AI and IoT just around the corner. In order for the teams to go through with such large tasks successfully, Marijana and Mario encourage them to learn from their experience, self-organise their working on the problem, and think about their gains and losses to have continuous progress. This is a job of the future, with a great team and an awesome atmosphere.



“I love being in a company that has been the leader of the market and the digital progress of the entire industry with a 135 years old tradition. “


Ivana Hržić, Senior Business Analyst at Croatia Osiguranje: “Nothing beats such an agile team, great atmosphere and so much positive energy channelled to our common progress.”




Ivana Hržić has been a part of Croatia Osiguranje’s incredible IT team for 11 years; since her student days up until now, when she’s working as Senior Business Analyst. Business analysis is the initial stage in which client’s requests are defined and creative solutions are created. What Ivana does is understand the problems and apply an individual approach with the help of a team of software developers. Business analysts combine various IT and communication skills, and what better place there is to refine those skills but here! According to her, every project is a new challenge, especially when you’re working for the leader of the market and development of new services and products, the place where your effort is appreciated and rewarded.



I can’t imagine a better place for developing my competences and gaining new knowledge in positive and encouraging surroundings.”


Toni Luketić, Software Engineer at Croatia Osiguranje: “To me, being a part of Croatia Osiguranje means being a part of a modern and successful company which confirms itself as the leader every day.”




Toni Luketić started his career at Croatia Osiguranje as an intern in the programme The Future in Adris, after graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer science and Information Technology in Osijek (FERIT) and has since advanced to the position of Software Engineer. His knowledge of a systematic and disciplinary approach to development, management and maintenance of software he applies in the excellent team with great mentors. Working in engineering concerned with all aspects of software manufacturing includes different technologies, from apex and Java to Oracle Forms, ESQL and PESQL. Owing to that, every day of working for Croatia Osiguranje is dynamic, exciting and expands the boundaries of the insurance industry. He says that great colleagues, inspiring atmosphere, and good balance between work and fulfilling private life make possible an exponential career growth.



“In CO we keep investing in digitalisation and business transformation, so our current success is only the beginning.”


Igor Martinović, DevOps Engineer at Croatia Osiguranje: “There’s plenty of new and interesting projects, one of them is the first 100% digital insurance in Croatia, LAQ0.”




Igor Martinović works as economic expert in IT. With a degree in business informatics, he found himself in the Information Technologies Sector at Croatia Osiguranje, on the position of a DevOps Engineer. DevOps stands for processes and practices that connect software development and operations necessary for its fast and quality delivery, i.e. the link between the developer and the user of the application. There are plenty of projects and challenges and, with investing in digitalisation and innovation, Croatia Osiguranje is truly building an insurance industry of the future.



“You’re working in an inspiring and dynamic atmosphere, on interesting and innovative projects, you’re using the state-of-the-art technologies and perfecting your skills in many training opportunities.”

What is great about working for Croatia Osiguranje is evident from the experiences of Ivana Hržić, Toni Luketić, Igor Martinović, Marijana Reich and Mario Zulić. They decided to build their career at Croatia Osiguranje, the leading insurance company in Croatian market.