10 reasons to spend a weekend at the Games

STEM Games vikend

Season opening

You know that feeling when in May everyone storms of to their seaside vacation houses and starts bombarding social networks with their “nearly summer” photos? This year you have a chance to show everyone how to open a season with great style in Poreč.


Surprise for your friends

Everyone will attend STEM Games and you can’t because you’re swamped with things to do? You know that you’ll be bombarded with photos and messages from Poreč and want to be a part of it? Surprise them, show up for the weekend and show them you’re always a step ahead of them.


Concerts and crazy parties

Yeah, sure, you might not spend a week participating in sporting events or beat your brains out working on problem-solving exercises but you still have a chance to have fun at STEM Games during a weekend. Party with Krankšvester and Kuzma & Shaka Zulu. You know you want to be there.



Even those who are not sport buffs become ones in the finals. People can feel hearts in their mouths, no one can speak because of non-stop cheering, referees are dirty, and everyone is an expert all of a sudden. Even if your team don’t participate in the finals, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and games.


NextGen Society

Would you like to know how will problems of future generations be solved? Can’t wait to see participants as a bundle of nerves while presenting their ideas to a panel of judges after they’d burned the midnight oil or partied? Want to share their pain and celebrate their amazing concepts? A weekend will do it.


Everyone’s there

When will you be able to see Mark from FOI, Ante from FESB, Lucija from TVZ or Selma from Sarajevo all in one place? Don’t miss your chance because everyone will be there and wait for you with cold booze.


Some new kids

A bunch of students singing the same tune, hot guys, amazing girls… Everyone will find their cup of tea. A weekend is just what it takes to find a new bff, loan sponsor, best man, dog walker or someone with the same foot fetish as you do.


New love is just around the corner

No, it’s not just a lyric from Severina’s song; it can be your reality. Imagine what a great grandkids story that would be – “We met one weekend in 2018 in Poreč. I was looking for my friends. We ended up waiting for our drinks in a bar. It was the best sunset walk ever.”


Spectacular closing

It will be awesome but mum’s the word! You’ll agree that it’s not the same to follow stories on Instagram or be a part of it. Don’t cry your eyes out! Don’t be down in the mouth! Life is like a bowl of cherries. Paint the town red!


Be a part of the first STEM Games

One day you’ll have a career and kids and everyone will tell you you’re stuck in the routine of home-work-work-home. Imagine shutting everyone’s mouth saying “Where were you when I partied in the first STEM Games. I woke up one morning and said ‘da hell with everything. I’m spending this weekend in Poreč!’ and now I’m a part of the legend.”