7 reasons to compete at STEM Games if you’re a girl

7 razloga zašto se natjecati na STEM Gamesima ako si cura

Pre-applications for STEM Games are in full swing. You can hear your colleagues and friends applying and making plans but are still unsure if participating is a good or great idea?

In case you need extra motivation, we jotted down a couple of reasons for participating at this year’s STEM Games. If you don’t need convincing, we’re waiting for you here.

1. You choose your role models based on your interests and their achievements not gender. Simone Giertz is cool because of her witty robots not because she is a woman who can handle a screwdriver.

2. You don’t think polished fingernails prevent you from thinking logically and creatively.

3. To solve a complex problem, one must think like a complex problem - and we all know women are a mystery.

4. Legos, barbies, FPS or arcade games. Doesn’t matter what you played with, your goal is to win and have fun and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that at STEM Games.

5. We don’t care if you can cook or not, but we do care if you can figure out how different components interact.

6. You like to keep things in order, you are good at multitasking and somehow, you always end up leading a team? There are teams waiting for you in Poreč!

7. You think guys get confused and distracted around you? You haven’t met out STEM Games guys but they’ll act the same!

See you in Poreč. Buckle down and make sure to apply as soon as possible! Sky’s the limit!