A day at the Games

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Everything that had to be done for the most expected week of the year has been done. You are even proud of that todo list because it’s almost completely checked, unlike some other todo lists mostly related to education. However, that last check is still missing - the check you’ll put in proudly when you complete that satisfying task, the one next to which you have written GAMES!

We’re sure however that there’s a big question bugging you now: “What to expect from the 2019 Games?”.

You can find out the answer to that question by taking a look at the text below and finding the category you participate in!


Problem solvers

As a problem solving competitor, your main task is to prove your team’s skills in one of the prestigious STEM fields by nailing the challenge you’ll be faced with. We’re sure though that you’re wondering how to do so with most success.

Getting up at the break of dawn and losing your nerves and social life to hard day’s work are all old school.

At the Games, you can forget about all that because here we do things differently:

  • we start the day at 11 - and ask you to join the movement of “everything will be clearer at the noon”
  • coffee, coffee and some more coffee - Nescafé 3in1 in abundance will make sure that your brain cells stay awake during the Games
  • we transformed the smoke break in front of your school into a beach break in front of the arena - because the solution to your problem might just lie 45 degrees under the sun
  • broadening the term “multidisciplinarity” outside the arenas through extra activities at the Games - you’ll have the chance to become a karaoke superstar, impress everyone with your supernatural strengths in tug of war and become a champion of some other activity which you can read about here



To be fair, there is no better place than the Games that you could remember as the place where you won a championship title for your institution. Just think about the euphoria around you while you’re full of pride because your opponents are all repeating the classic “it was the ref’s fault” adage.

It’s well known that the road to success is paved with effort, sweat and teamwork, but we believe that the real champions, aside from that, have to have plenty of fun.

For these reasons, we decided to provide everything you’ll need to end your week at the Games with the title of all titles.

  • morning detox through the magical regenerative power of the Northern Adriatic
  • exceptional games coupled with unforgettable chants of fans that keep the atmosphere on an (un)comfortable level
  • interdisciplinary support of every crew of your institution
  • challenging extra activities like optimizing your pectoral pump for the beach in our bench press competition or demonstration of your steady hand in a game of beer pong, but some other as well - look here for more info
  • various meals in the evening to provide enough energy sufficit to take you through your night diving activities
  • a faithful simulation of summer nights along with 2000 students and liquid joy*



In other words, those responsible for all the euphoria, the hoarse-voiced spirit and the beating heart of the Games.

Supporters at the Games have a crucial role in supporting their teams and make them do their best, so their only duty at the Games is that they fill out their day with the strongest, best and hardest cheering and conclude that by having a drink together with their champions at the well-known STEM Games parties.

After all this, we believe all of you would agree with us in that these 5 days are something no one would want to miss, so prepare everything you need for the best week of the year because it is just about to start.

We have set the bar for the 2019 Games high, but it’s now your turn to overcome it.

*any possible lack of sleep caused by the partying will be cancelled out by the good vibrations of STEM Games