Croatia osiguranje and the Games in the most romantic Mediterranean city

CO Jagiceva

Everybody knows that the bond between Croatia osiguranje and the Games has been unbreakable for years and that’s why they are once again together in Rovinj, the most romantic Mediterranean city, after the Games were held in Poreč and then online through the Safe Mode version.


For years now, Croatia osiguranje has been supporting the biggest STEM student competition in this part of Europe with such enthusiasm and energy. The key link between young people and various everyday innovations is being pointed out at the Games by solving problems from industry and giving mentorship. Whether we are dealing with sustainable development, digitalization or the latest technology, only together we can make first steps in creating our own universe filled with endless possibilities. 


Both Croatia osiguranje and Games represent tradition and collectiveness. This year they are also taking care about the future and are aiming to create new ideas. Croatia osiguranje gives wings to young competitors of the Games and puts challenges at them from real life. They are such a good match because they are both interested in new modern technologies and ecology, and encourage working in interdisciplinary teams that is proven to be the greatest partnership. 


This year’s Games are teaching us to acknowledge different possibilities for a better life while the current generation of young and prospective future engineers and scientists are pushing their limitations. 


Croatia osiguranje and the Games are waiting for you this year to show us everything you know and learn while exchanging knowledge with your fellows and enjoying beautiful Rovinj. See you there, pre-applications are open we are waiting for you!