Croatia osiguranje is once again the general sponsor of STEM Games!


STEM Games encourage love of innovation and cooperation, but we all know that love takes two. As an innovative company that keeps up with the trends in technology, Croatia osiguranje was a perfect partner, pairing up with the Games to form an iconic duo that made the largest student STEM competition happen. We are extremely glad that the love will go on this year as well since Croatia osiguranje took the role of the general sponsor once again.

There is a wide variety of reasons why the Games and CO make a good couple, ranging from their mutual passion for innovation in technology, through the dynamic and exciting teamwork they both foster and up to the mutual support that any good partnership is based on.

Following the excellent cooperation at the first STEM Games, we have recognized CO as a company that understands and supports our idea – making young people gain concrete knowledge by joining forces with others in a competitive environment, while feeling the power of cooperation and teamwork. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering CO itself came to represent the epitome of tradition, community, reliability and care for the future. CO provides support to the competition and ensures that competitors stay safe while enjoying the problem solving competition, the sports competition and the extra activities.

This year’s Games will bring together the next generation of STEMians that is unencumbered by the boundaries of this world and the notion of distance, but still takes care to keep the earth a welcoming environment for the generations to follow. We believe that CO will be the wind in their sails, helping them show the best of their performance at this year’s event. We are looking forward to proudly enjoying the results of our partnership in Poreč, which are now less than two months away!