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Various tasks are going to be at different levels of complexity which allows participants a chance to contribute to the team’s success whether they’re facing this type of competition for the first time or if they’re more experienced than that. Teams will win points depending on the success of their solution at individual tasks. The first two days of the competition are focused on solving the algorithm tasks, while the third day is booked for the Main Task. The Main Task’s theme is inspired by the real problems that the Arena’s sponsors are facing every day.


In the Technology Arena, regular computing sciences, mathematics, informatics, and digital sciences students can participate in this type of competition, as well as the other regular students from similar fields.



The progress of digital and informatics technologies has never stopped growing in the last couple of years. We are coming up with new discoveries and knowledge every day that could ease our life with digitalization. This knowledge can also benefit us as a tool for efficient management of everything around us: nature and the environment. This year at the Technology Arena, we’re searching for ways to reduce the impact on natural resources by applying various algorithms and efficient models of machine learning.

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Algorithms and data structures

Graph theory, discrete mathematics, number theory, linear algebra

Data science

Machine learning

Creative thinking


Presentation skills

Problem analysis

*Teams can choose which programming language they will use; however, they have to take the execution speed into consideration.

Jury members

Mario Bubnjar crosig jury Technology

Mario Bubnjar

Jury Member, Croatia Osiguranje

Mario Bubnjar obtained his Master's degree from the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, majoring in Information and  communication Traffic. He began his IT career at Omega Software in the position of Business Consultant. Through education and gathering work experience, he eventually reached the position of Team Leader/Product Owner. Seeking new professional challenges, he embarked on a search for a new work environment and now works as a Development Team Leader within the Software Development Department of Croatia Insurance.

Filip jury infineon Technology

Filip Gjorgjevski

Jury Member, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Filip comes from Macedonia, where he graduated in computer Hardware Engineering and Technologies at FEEIT-Skopje and now is finishing his master studies in the field of “Micro and Nano technology”. He has worked in both field in IoT and Embedded computer systems departments in some of the top leading semiconductor companies. Now he is working in the development center of Infineon Technologies Austria AG in Villach, Austria, as a R&D specialist in the ADC department.


Nikola Čaldarević crosig mentor Technology

Nikola Čaldarević

Tehnology arena, Croatia Osiguranje

Nikola Čaldarević, Master of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb), is employed as a Senior Software Developer at Croatia Insurance and enjoys playing basketball and attending a postgraduate study in InsureTech at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in his free time. He has extensive experience in developing business applications, primarily in backend technologies for companies in the telecom sector, as well as in banking and insurance. He is currently working on the implementation of a new CORE system based on Java technologies and Oracle databases.

Kevin mentor mentor infineon Technology

Kevin Gillian Van Dommele

Tehnology arena, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Kevin is a Software Engineer born in the Netherlands. His passion for programming started at the age of 11. He got a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering in the Netherlands in 2016. In the same year, he moved to Austria to work at Infineon Technologies Austria AG in Villach. He continued his education at the University of Klagenfurt, where he completed his Masters of Applied Informatics.


Luka Habuš

Tehnology arena

Luka Habuš is a third-year student at FER Zagreb. He works as a Full Stack Developer at GDi. In his free time he travels, does photography and plays the saxophone. He's a game development enthusiast with a completed education for video game production at the Academy of dramatic art as part of the Edu4Games programme. He's been in the competitive programming space for years now.

Luka mentor infineon Technology

Luka Kruljac

Tehnology arena, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Luka Kruljac was born in 1997 in Đakovo. After finishing high school in 2015, he enrolled in the military cadet program, majoring in military engineering and in October 2015 he enrolled in the undergraduate study of electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek and later graduated in automotive computing and communications at the same faculty. Since 2020, he has been participating in the Erasmus Internship program at Infineon Technologies Austria AG, where he still works as a software & component validation engineer.


Mislav Matijević

Tehnology arena

Mislav Matijević, Tehnološka arena, Sveučilište u Zagrebu. Mislav Matijević završio je preddiplomski studij Informacijski i poslovni sustavi i diplomski studij Informacijsko i programsko inženjerstvo na Fakultetu organizacije i informatike. Programiranje mu je najveći gušt, a motivira ga otkrivanje i povezivanje različitih tehnologija. Trenutno je zaposlen na FOI-ju gdje izvodi vježbe na nekoliko programerskih kolegija, uključujući Programsko inženjerstvo.


Mateja Napravnik

Tehnology arena

Mateja Napravnik has finished her undergraduate and graduate study in Computing at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. She has worked in the industry for two years as a web developer but then decided to continue her education as a Ph.D. and an assistant at the Faculty of Engineering. Her main field of interest is the analysis of medical (radiological) images. She has also been occupied with the interaction between humans and computers (HCI). Mateja Napravnik is a co-host of the Riteh Web Team, which is a students’ club that offers students to study web technologies through various workshops and projects.


Patrick Pavić

Tehnology arena

Marko Sejdić

Tehnology arena

Marko Sejdić is a computer technician who graduated from the Faculty of chemical engineering and technology, University of Zagreb and became a chemical engineer. He now works as a teaching assistant at the Department of measurements and process control at the same faculty. There, he works on the integration of process analytical devices and the processing of data obtained from them, as well as the development of applications for advanced control of pharmaceutical processes. Marko has been participating in the STEM Games since 2019, and in his free time he plays sports, especially handball which he has been playing for his faculty since his student days.


Arian Skoki

Tehnology arena

Arian Skoki has finished his degree in Computing at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. He tried living and working abroad, primarily in the web technologies field. Yet, life in Croatia ended up to be of higher quality, so Arian decided to return to Rijeka and work as an assistant. He is currently working on data analysis and artificial intelligence in sports, mainly football. He is the Head of the Riteh Web Team, which is a students’ club that prepares students for the transition university-job and makes it easier for them. Arian kickboxes and dances in his spare time. He also likes to play ukulele and clarinet to elevate the atmosphere.