Every day is Women’s Day in the Games!


Are there enough women in the STEM field? There are a bunch of us but that is still not enough. Does anybody ask us if we can do something just because we are women? No, but also yes. Do we need to fight for our equality? Yes, we do. Do they find us overly emotional, stubborn, indifferent, and quiet? They do but also, they don’t because we are also determined, emphatic, persistent, energetic, rational, patient, and fearless. At the same time, we know what we want!

What can women in STEM do? With joint forces, they can supervise the entire organization and motivate a great number of volunteers and organization members at the same time. They can upgrade the concept of problem-solving competitions. They can lead a whole team and be at the top of the organization. They can also be mentors and so much more. 

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The STEM Games are raising awareness that women and girls are equally skilled as men are. We can’t let beauty exclude intelligence or vice versa. We are encouraging women to succeed by giving them chances to stand out. Worldwide female scientists are powerful and obvious role models whose life paths can be guides for many young women. Someone might say “but she is just a girl”. Sayings like that shouldn’t be taken seriously. We won’t rank you by you being a woman.

We have been breaking down stereotypes about women in science and STEM fields for a long period of time now. If you are reading this and doubting yourself just because you are a female, stop it and just show up at the Games! Knockdown any stigma! Be loud and quiet, fun but also serious. Be yourself. Be whichever version of yourself you want to be but foremost be fearless and come to the Games to sweep your competition off its feet with your knowledge and skills!

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You can create tasks, apply your surroundings and practice in STEM fields, prioritize diverse, inclusive, and kind environments and be a part of the leadership, competition, and participation in the competition like the Games!  Start the changes in society and encourage young future female scientists and engineers not to be small under the stars.

The only thing you should worry about at the Games is whether you can showcase your skills or not, no matter if you are a girl or a boy. We are sure you can. 

Women, celebrate your day, every day. We are waiting for you at the Games; brave, determined, and powerful!