Hot third day and an uplifted atmosphere at sports fields and in Arenas

Foto: Viktor Katalenić, Fotosekcija KSET-a
Foto: Viktor Katalenić, Fotosekcija KSET-a

Trivia, where some participants demonstrated their knowledge and some their liver condition (liver again), was held last night. A usual beach party was rescheduled and lasted until breakfast (no one saw that coming).

The third day of STEM Games was equally sunny and warm as the first one. The most important meal was skipped; however, our starving students were very obedient and stuck to the schedule in the Arenas (brain was working while the liver was trying to function). Arenas did well today, with no technical issues (well done, Technology Arena).

Even though their stomachs were empty, some jocks emptied them even more on sport courts. Two new sports were invented – beach volleyball and rowing (but not on the sea). Some enthusiastic people run around the resort. Word has it that it was cross. A hot sunny day, tense atmosphere and fair play defined STEM Games. If you want some embarrassing photos, send us a message in the inbox. For the results, check

In the evening, we held the most expected part of the entertainment program - Game Night. It’s an event with games from our childhood, games that caused bad grades at school and made our social life suffer.

More details about students’ dancing accompanied by a bunch of embarrassing photos await you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow at the same time and place.