Interview: Kristina Mileta


With the announcement of the eSport Arena as an official arena in which competitors will be able to measure their strength in esports, a number of questions have been raised and the leader of the esport team, Kristina Mileta, gives answers to some of them.


What are esports, and what is the interest for them today?

Esport is competitive video gaming. Those who are not informed will be surprised that 100 million people watched the League of Legends World Championship this year, CS: GO has around 50 million tournament viewers, and Fortnite has held the record for some time this year with 2.33 million concurrent viewers.

Each year, these records are broken and every year number of players and spectators increases. In 2019, Perkz put Croatia on the map of the best players when he wrapped himself in the Croatian flag in the League of Legends finals. As in sports, we have exceptional players but there is a lack of competitions in the region where they would show what they are capable of.


Last year, esport was part of the additional program of the Games. What moments stayed in your memory, what will you remember it for?

One of the most beautiful moments at the Games 2019 were certainly the finals in LoL when a huge crowd gathered and cheered as if they were watching football: jumping, cheering, sadness, sighs, everything.


From this year, esports are part of the official arena. What can you tell us, what awaits us this year at the eSport Arena?

This year the eSport Arena continues where it left off last year. We had good foundations and now we can grow on them. The space itself of the eSport Arena this year will be a few levels better and really live up to the expectations that go with the name "arena". Since we had a lot of questions about the stream, we decided to give it more attention this year as well. In addition to that, we are considering to change the format for Hearthstone, but we have not yet made a final decision.


Who do you recommend applying to?

We invite all gamers to gather a team and apply, but this time we suggest that they start preparing on time. We expect a much larger number of applications and therefore better competition, especially in PES because FIFA is no longer part of the official program.


Finally, a few tips for future teams that will compete, how to win?

The path to victory in esports is the same as in sports - 10% is talent, and 90% is work, and given that these are team competitions, our advice is to focus on teamwork. The best advice is to find a "competition" to train or scrim with.