Lecture on STEM Games at FER

STEM Games predavanje na FER-u

You think that participating in STEM Games would be a great experience but you still haven’t decided which category to compete in? Your friends have been planning to take part in STEM Games and you haven’t made up your mind yet? You have additional questions but don’t know whom you can ask? You’re wondering what is the purpose of your life and nobody can answer the question? Join us on STEM Games lecture and find out everything you want to know straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, almost everything because even we cannot answer the question on the purpose of your life!

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, March 14 at 6:15 PM in room D1 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb. The lecture will be opened by Full Professor Marko Delimar, PhD, the Vice Dean for Education affiliated to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb and Damir Vanđelić, the Board President of Croatia osiguranje – general STEM Games sponsor. Damir Vanđelić will give a retrospective of his studying and what he wanted to know at that time, advise students on how to prepare for the labor market, encourage students to seize every opportunity to learn, get new experience and cooperate with peers in the STEM field, which is actually an opportunity to participate in STEM Games.

Upon the introduction, the Head of the Organization Board Saša Tepić will present STEM Games and provide participants with relevant information on the competition. This part will be followed by an open discussion where participants can ask everything they want to know about the competition.

We believe that the lecture will provide you with all answers which will encourage you to take part in STEM Games in Poreč. Will you be joining us at the lecture? Let us know!

The lecture is jointly organized by STEM Games and the Board for Scientific and Sport Competition of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb.