Meet our partners

Croatia Insurance is the largest and oldest insurance company in Croatia. We are a market leader with a strong focus on digitalization and responding to future challenges. After more than a century of history, we continuously invest in the development of new products and support projects that help preserve cultural values, promote a healthy lifestyle and positive habits, as well as foster solidarity and improve the quality of life for all members of society.

As a digital insurance leader, and in line with the digital transformation of our own business, Croatia Insurance supports a variety of initiatives that promote digital knowledge within the community. Many of Croatia's experts participate in discussions and serve as lecturers, delivering presentations on topics such as digital insurance, insurtech, telematics, and other related fields, thanks to our extensive experience and the success achieved with the launch of Croatia's digital brand, Laqo.

Our long-term goal is to develop new IT generations through our employment programs and thus build a stable base of new employees, while continuing to strengthen CO as a digital brand and a leader in the digital market transformation.

We are a company that combines the best of both worlds - the security that is more necessary than ever today, as well as the progressiveness of insurtech through advanced technologies, innovation, and process digitalization.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a group subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, a world -leading provider of semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Microelectronics from Infineon reduce the energy consumption of consumer electronics, domestic appliances and industrial facilities. They make a major contribution to the convenience, security and sustainability of vehicles, and enable secure transactions in the Internet of Things.

Infineon Austria pools competencies for research and development, production as well as global business responsibility. The head office is in Villach, with further branches in Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz and Vienna. With 5,461 employees from 79 countries (including 2,390 in research and development), in the financial year 2022 (ending in September) the company achieved a turnover of € 5.2 billion. With a research expenditure of 585 million euros, Infineon Austria is one of the strongest research companies in Austria.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG offers various internships and other student programs.di razne prakse i druge studentske programe.

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. (PBZ) is a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of the largest banking groups in Europe. In terms of business results, PBZ consistently ranks at the top of the Croatian banking sector. It is a highly liquid and capitalized bank that has shown exceptional resilience by successfully responding to all the challenges that the domestic banking system has faced in recent years. PBZ has maintained its role as a leader in new technologies, continuously developing new and innovative products and services for individuals and businesses, while significantly contributing to the financing of the country's economy. Privredna banka Zagreb cares about its employees, listening to their needs, as they represent the foundation of successful operations by actively participating in the bank's development and driving ongoing changes.

For motivated students, we offer:

  • STEM scholarships
  • opportunities for professional development and advancement under the guidance of experienced colleagues
  • work on challenging projects with top experts
  • the possibility to participate in various internal trainings
  • the option to work from home
  • the possibility of employment after graduation

Interested students who wish to work at the bank can apply for open positions on the career page or submit an open application.

AVL in Croatia was established in 1996 with its headquarters in Zagreb as a member of AVL List GmbH.

As a strategic partner, our main focus is on software development, electrification, and the creation and implementation of software solutions for simulation, testing, and optimization of all types of propulsion systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. We are a significant partner to numerous automotive manufacturers worldwide who, due to strict environmental standards and the need to reduce fuel consumption, must continuously improve their products.


Festo is a leading global supplier in the field of industrial automation and a leader in professional education. They continuously improve their products and services to meet the challenges of smart, digitized production, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nature, which serves as an endless source of ideas and possibilities, inspires them. This is evident through their Bionics program, Bionics Learning Network. Their aim is to motivate, inspire, and drive new innovations through the Bionics Learning Network. At our Chill Out stand, you can discover how we have adapted to new challenges and technologies, and explore the innovative solutions we have found, all while being inspired by nature.


The activities of the AITAC Group are focused on ship design, with a particular focus on the market segment of mega yachts, highly complex cruise ships, and high-standard warships. In addition to design, we also specialize in the implementation of advanced PLM and CAD solutions, primarily providing support for products from Dassault Systèmes, specifically the 3DEXPERIENCE platform used in various industries, including shipbuilding.

The company's headquarters are located in Croatia (AITAC d.o.o.), but due to the international nature of our business, we are present in other European countries as well: AITAC GmbH (Germany), Aitac BV (Netherlands), and TVAN SAS (France).

"Values - Challenges - Solutions" represents our mission. The greater the challenge, the more motivated we are to find the best solution that showcases our potential, team spirit, quality, and knowledge. At AITAC, we highly value our relationship with clients. We actively listen with the aim of utilizing our experience and efficiency to help clients realize their desired projects.

Today, AITAC is a well-known and reputable company worldwide, standing out from the competition in several aspects. This includes our approach towards employees and the organizational culture we foster, ownership structure, and ultimately, the wide range of high-standard services offered by the group.

AITAC's main activities include:

  1. Ship design
  2. Consulting services for CAD and PLM (3DEXPERIENCE)
  3. 3D laser scanning
  4. Research and Development

With nearly 20 years of experience in designing complex types of vessels, we have achieved stable and continuous business growth. Currently, the AITAC Group employs 125 engineers, primarily mechanical, naval, and IT engineers. Since the beginning of our operations, we have been entirely export-oriented.

Our range of services covers comprehensive solutions in shipbuilding, from initial concept, design, to the production of workshop documentation. Whether you are designing a yacht, cruise ship, frigate, offshore vessel, or require 3D scanning services or the implementation of a PLM platform for improved efficiency, our team is here to assist and support you. No matter how complex the project may be, we will turn it into reality!

Our client list includes globally renowned shipbuilding companies such as Meyer Werft (Germany), Nobiskrug (Germany), Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (France), DAMEN GROUP (Netherlands), VARD Marine (Canada), and many others.

Over the years, our efforts have been recognized by relevant institutions that have awarded us prestigious honors, including the Gazelle Award for Fastest-Growing Small Company (2008), Best Small Exporter in the SME category in Croatia (2013), National Champion for the European Business Awards (2015), EY Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalist (2015), and The International Yacht & Aviation Awards - Finalist (2014).

Vertiv is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions in the IT and telecommunications industry. In Croatia, it operates under the name Vertiv Croatia since 2017 and has over 500 employees. In Croatia, it serves as a sales and service center for the CEE region, a manufacturing center for the EMEA region, and Vertiv's global center for data center design. The manufacturing facility in Rugvica for integrated modular solutions is equipped with the latest technologies, production processes, tools, and testing laboratories, enabling it to provide a wide range of prefabricated modular solutions. Thanks to the expertise, innovation, and creativity of local experts, Vertiv Croatia has achieved rapid progress and development. Vertiv addresses the key challenges faced by today's data centers, communication networks, commercial, and industrial facilities, offering solutions and services for power supply, cooling, and IT infrastructure that extend from cloud solutions to the edge, the network's edge, closer to end users. It delivers hardware, software, analytics, and other services to its customers, ensuring uninterrupted operation, optimal performance, and growth of their applications according to their business needs. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Vertiv employs around 24,000 people globally and operates in more than 130 countries. For more information and the latest news and content from Vertiv, please visit the website

In the energy sector, the name KONČAR is synonymous with tradition, trust, expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Today, KONČAR is a regional leader in the field of energy and railway solutions, operating in the areas of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as railway vehicles and infrastructure, digital solutions and platforms, with a strong focus on their own development and innovation, as well as laboratory testing and certification.

KONČAR continuously develops segments that provide the highest added value, with a particular focus on wind, solar, and hydro energy.

Inspired by challenges, KONČAR develops modern solutions for the electrical industry, contributes to local production, and promotes the energy sustainability of society.