Mentor’s sponsors at this year’s Games


After we’ve already introduced you to our general sponsor Croatia osiguranje, with whom we’ve created the general theme World of opportunities for the STEM Games 2022, and our theme sponsors Institute Ruđer Bošković, Infobip, and Vertiv, now it’s time to meet you with our mentor sponsors as well.

Our Problem-solving team has joined forces with experts from AITAC, AVL-AST, FESTO, and PBZ to face STEM Games competitors with challenging tasks from the industry.

AITAC group is focused on engineering in shipbuilding  with its main focus on the market segment of mega yachts, cruisers with a high degree of complexity, and high-standard warships.

At AITAC, they emphasize how a values – challenges – solutions relation represents their main mission. Their biggest challenge is to find the best solution in which their potential, team spirit, quality, and knowledge can stand out the most. With these characteristics, the AITAC group plans to help future young engineers at this year’s STEM Arenas through real-life challenges.


FESTO is a leading global supplier in the industry automatization field, as well as a leader in expert education. FESTO is perfecting its products and services to successfully face the challenges that smart digital production has set, leaning on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its inspiration is found in nature, which has always been an inexhaustible source of ideas and opportunities and that can be seen through Bionics Learning Network, a part of their Bionics program. The main FESTO idea is to motivate, inspire, and encourage making innovations with Bionics Learning Network. Inspired by nature, they’ve already adjusted themselves to new challenges and technologies. You can find their innovative solutions at their Chill out booth.


Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) is a part of Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the biggest banking groups in Europe. It is a leader in modern technologies that constantly develops innovative products and services for citizens and business subjects.

PBZ primarily takes care of its employees and is recognized as one of the best Partners employer and the Best employer. They’ve received many awards for quality management of human resources.

They emphasize the employment of young future experts and enable students to perform their internships and student jobs there. This year at the STEM Games knowledge Arena they’ll be leading these young future mathematics experts and bring them closer to a world full of opportunities through quality tasks.


With more than 11 000 employees, AVL is the biggest world independent company for development, simulation, and testing in the automobile industry and other departments. By leaning on its pioneer spirit, this company offers concepts, solutions, and methodology for shaping future mobility trends.

AVL creates innovative and approachable technologies for efficient reduction of CO2 emissions by applying the strategy of multi-energetic carriers for all applications – from hybrids to battery-electric and fuel cell technologies. This company supports its customers through the entire development process, from the idea to the serial production. AVL has established its competencies in ADAS, autonomous rides, and digitalization fields to fasten up its vision of automatized and connected mobility, which is a perfect chance for a STEM Games 2022 mentorship.


This year’s mentors are creating tasks for all future engineers, depending on which STEM Games Arena they are going to be in. We believe that the tasks are very innovative, special, and fun. They will surely spark an interest in competitors for creating new ideas and chances because at the end, all of us want to show the world how full of opportunities it really is.

See you at Rovinj, and until then