Let the games begin!


The second day of the Games was marked by harsh sun and, as expected, a great atmosphere. Read on to find out about how our participants stepped into this year’s Games.

For our problem solvers, the battle for survival and the championship title has officially begun today. Our gladiators in their Arenas were introduced to the challenges that await them and rolled their sleeves up.

The sporting events were very diverse, ranging from classic sweeps to cinematic three-pointers in the last second from 10 meters away. To find out who rose through the hardships to the stars, and who was just stuck in the hardships take a peek at this page. Our supporters were competing as well as our athletes - aside from the rich selection of the cheering chants we all know quite well by now, the standard cheering package was made complete with excellent percussionists and graphic visuals.

The eSports competition has started as well:
in League of Legends - a game in which teams aim to win over the rival team’s base, in PES - a game that brought together all of our sports (anti)talents and consequentialy in Hearthstone - a card game which we don’t really know much about so we invite you to find out what it’s about on your own. For all of you who missed the chance to apply for the eSports part of the Games, we organized a leisurely hang out and meet each other at our eSports Community events. You can find out more about those on our social media.

As for the extra activities of today, we would first like to point out the essential “Bela” tournament, an activity that is actually a cover for the most efficient way of meeting new people (empirically proven). Aside from that, we had a traditional tournament in table brewing where the contestants had to prove steadiness of their hands (and character) by taking turns throwing balls. Since it’s a rule set in stone that the accuracy of the shots grows linearly with respect to the blood alcohol content, our winning team was one that had the most mathematical background.

We hope that you had a chance to catch a few rays of sun (and now we really mean the sun 😉 ) and that you will stay as cheerful and as good as you look. Keep warming the atmosphere up so that we have the right conditions for our dives at the Games beach parties!