Notice of use of personal data in the STEM Games competition pre-application database

We are delighted with your interest in the STEM Games competition. Before we can accept your application, we are bound to inform you of the way we handle your personal data you are about to provide us with, as well as the purpose of their processing and your rights concerning their protection. For this reason, we kindly ask you to read this notice carefully and confirm that you are willing to provide your personal data under the following conditions. Should you have any doubts or find any part of this text unclear, contact us through the contact form on the Competition website.

Collegium putovanja d.o.o. (subsequently referred to as Collegium) collects and processes the personal data of the students who state their interest to participate in the Competition for the purposes of the application procedure.


What data do we process and why?


For the purposes of your application we will collect and process only the data you provide us with through the application form found on the Competition web site. These are your:

  •   first and last name,
  •   date of birth,
  •   passport number (or OIB for Croatian citizens),
  •   cell phone number,
  •   e-mail address and
  •   the educational institution you attend.

We collect the listed data for the purposes of the selection procedure, as well as the potential organization of your participation in the contest which will include arranging the accommodation services. We will use your email address to inform you of all the relevant information. In case you achieve a rank during the competition, we will publish your name alongside the name of your institution when we publish the competition results.

The legal basis for such processing is the consent you give us when filling out the pre-application form. That consent is repudiable – in any moment, you have a right to request that your data stop being processed. In case you do so, we will not be able to arrange your participation in the Competition.


What are your rights?


We are bound to ensure that you, as the subject of the personal data we process, have the right to:

  •   access your personal data we process,
  •   correct incorrect personal data about you,
  •   request erasure of the data,
  •   request limiting the extent to which we process the data as far as allowed by the applicable law,
  •   request a copy of your data in a structured digital form,
  •   lodge a complaint about the way your data is processed and
  •   prevent any further digital communication.

In order to exercise any of the listed rights, you can contact the Competition organizing committee by using the contact form on the web site or the Data Protection Officer appointed by Collegium by email at: [email protected].


How do we keep your data?


After you apply through our website, your personal data will get saved in the pre-application database. Collegium will take all the necessary precautions to ensure security and integrity of your data.

If you do not request their erasure, we will keep the data until the 1st of May, 2020 at the latest. We will use the data after the competition to inform you of the organization of the next one.


Who do we transfer your data to?


We will provide access to the data listed before to the student representatives of your higher education institution.

The student representatives of your institution will conduct the selection procedure for your institution and are bound to process your data exclusively for that purpose and only during the selection procedure itself. You can find the list of student representatives on the Competition website.




For any questions, there is a contact form on the Competition web site ( at your disposal.

In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation,  the controller and the processor of the personal data you are about to provide is:

Collegium putovanja d.o.o,
Jarunska 2/12
10000 Zagreb,


The appointed Data Protection Officer is Matej Raguzin who you can contact by email at  [email protected].