Meet this year’s mentor sponsors!


Having introduced Croatia Osiguranje as this year's general sponsor, along with the
theme sponsors, it is time for you to get to know our mentor sponsors! In
collaboration with our knowledge team, the experts from FESTO and AVL will be
designing challenging and interesting tasks that this year’s competitors will have to

FESTO is a leading global supplier in the fields of industrial automatization and
a leader in technical education, with a focus on preparing companies and
organizations for the digital future in production, and for new technologies. They
rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to meet the
challenges posed by smart, digitalized production. The nature around us
provides them with an endless source of inspiration and possibilities, as well as
functions as the model for technological growth and innovation – which is
apparent from their one-of-a-kind Bionics Learning Network program.

AVL is a global leader in software development, electrification, as well as the
creation and implementation of software solutions for the simulation,
testing and optimization of all kinds of propulsion systems for both passenger
cars and commercial vehicles. They are a valuable partner for a number of car
manufacturers across the globe and offer innovative and accessible solutions and
methods for the creation of a greener, safer, better world of mobility.

Time brings about change, which is especially noticeable in the professional world.
Industrial processes are becoming more efficient, but also more complex, which
means that a quality education is necessary now more than ever before! Our
mentors from AVL and FESTO will be making sure that the participants of the
engineering arena are provided with all the guidance and expert support necessary.

See you in Umag!