Who are this year’s theme sponsors?


One of the most anticipated parts of the STEM Games is without a doubt the knowledge competition, allowing participants to demonstrate their skillset in one of four arenas, each representing a particular STEM field. This year we have teamed up with Infineon in our technology arena and PBZ in the mathematics arena in order to make the most out of the problem-solving competition and provide competitors with challenging and relevant tasks. Our theme sponsors have chosen a sub-theme for an arena of their choice and will be sending experts who will serve as this year's mentors and jury members in the finals of the competition. Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Infineon Technologies Austria AG, a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, is a world-leading provider of semiconductor solutions – the backbone of technological development. They place an emphasis on making life easier, safer, and greener, endeavoring to contribute to the convenience, security, and sustainability of vehicles, as well as enabling secure transactions in the Internet of Things.

With almost 5500 employees in Infineon Villach, Austria and over 56200 worldwide in 79 countries, Infineon is a research and development giant, as well as one of the strongest research companies in Austria. The experts at Infineon embrace digital transformation, steadily focusing their efforts on tackling global research tasks involving energy efficiency, mobility, and security.

Infineon’s dedication and contribution to digital security resonates perfectly with this year’s general theme, making them the ideal partner for this year’s technology arena!

Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ), a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, is one of Croatia’s top banks. Throughout its growth and development, it has helped sustain the national economy, supporting investment programs for the development of tourism and agriculture, as well as electrification and road building.

PBZ acknowledges that their employees are the cornerstone of successful business, making their approach values-driven, striving to provide high-quality services to the benefit of their customers, community, and employees. They highlight the importance of quality education, offering scholarships and internships to motivated students, providing professional training through collaborative efforts with their experts.

This year, PBZ will be devising challenging tasks for our mathematics arena competitors, providing the know-how and expert guidance necessary in order to help our young mathematicians thrive!