Taking the safe way to the biggest competition


Although students will not have the opportunity to show this year with how brilliant ideas they can come up together in the STEM arenas or feel the tension in the air that can be cut with a knife as they await the outcome of a sports match, Games 2020 have not fully ended. We decided to give you a share of the cake and reveal what the organization was working on to give the Games 2020 a respectable look.


One of the things we will share is the most important partner of STEM Games event, the general sponsor. We are pleased to say that for the third year in a row, we would have continued our cooperation with Croatia Osiguranje as a general sponsor to support the whole event, bringing our students closer to the growing technology and trends in the business world!



What makes Croatia Osiguranje and Games such good partners is the high quality expertise and innovation of Croatia Osiguranje that enriches the Games, as well as support and encouragement for young people in the STEM field. It is for these reasons that a productive bond has emerged and which has resulted in us working together to create an original general theme that you will hear more about soon!


We believe that this year too, with joint forces we would have provided you a pleasant atmosphere with a smooth flow of competition so that participants would be able to find new solutions in relaxed but productive team environment, to sweep the competition in the eSport Arena or defend the colors of their faculties on sports fields!