The fifth day: All good things come to an end

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During the fifth and the last day of the Games, the students have been draining last drops of power from their speakers. Read on to find out about the brave few of you who went for a winning swim in the sea which is a cozy 16 degrees, as well as who was there to support them.

Today was marked by sporting finals that were no less intense than the cheering finals which clearly helped bring the games to a higher level. The massive audience had a chance to enjoy some spectacular finals of the sporting part of 2019 STEM Games. All of you who missed the battles for the throne or just (deservedly) want to enjoy their five minutes of glory can review the results here.

Our gladiators gave their final presentations in the amphitheatre, thus marking the end of their challenging week of fighting in the Arenas. In the style of Darwin, the winners were the fittest, those who have used teamwork and multidisciplinarity throughout all of the competition period to come as close to their goal as possible.

We crowned the winners in our well known amphitheatre as well. Besides paying our respects to the champions of this year’s Games with a nostalgic note of an evening ceremony, we thanked all of the institutions and sponsors participating in this event. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this week which will sure be remembered for a long time. In the end, we have officially closed 2019 STEM Games.

The Games are asymptotically nearing their climax tonight, which is surely due to one person, the love of every student - Vesna Pisarović. We’re sure that Vesna will bring us back to the nostalgic Hellenistic period of our childhood with her eternal classics.

What now? In the end, we don’t have much to say except that the fact that our everyday communication has come to an end makes your reporters very sad. Nevertheless, the bitter taste in our mouths will surely be washed away by the sweet Vesna. We’ll drink away our sorrows and the fact that we have to come back to reality. Many thanks to all of you who were a part of this fairy tale with us. We’ll come back for the next chapter next year!