The first day at the 2023 STEM Games!

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After a long wait, this year’s STEM Games have finally begun! Months of hard work and planning from our organizers have finally culminated in five days of intense competition, relaxation, and partying in the scenic town of Umag.

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The scent of pine trees and the sea greeted our competitors who kept arriving at the resort throughout Tuesday morning in seemingly endless files of buses. The atmosphere upon arrival was impressive, and our competitors and their supporters proudly represented their institutions in shirts of various colors. After a successful trip, everyone was situated in their apartments where the real fun – finally – began.

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The pleasantly warm weather directed more than a fair share of people to the coast, where they were greeted by a sparkling sea and lots of space to hang out, meet new people and lounge in the sun; and on the beach right next to the resort a long series of volleyball matches took place, enriching the atmosphere.

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Lots for the eSports arena were drawn, and group photos were taken. The evening brought us a wild karaoke session, followed by a series of crazy parties scattered throughout the resort that lasted well into the night.

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