The first STEM Games has been opened

STEM Games – Grupna fotografija

Upon numerous winter (very) hardworking days, it’s finally happening… STEM Games. For some people, it’s an early vacation; for others, it’s the last 100 meters until a finishing line; the last five minutes of a final match.

Day 1: Poreč has been flooded by STEM students

Buses have been flooded by enthusiastic students and trash hits. Everyone’s found their apartment buildings having very nice (usually female) names; got some sun tan and got a taste of the most beautiful sea (for those who decided to stay at home, we’re happy to confirm that the sea is salty and refreshing). After recharging, people had to be fed. A huge amount of food (including veggies) has been eaten; the food is delicious and luckily nothing has been smashed. There were no breaks. The apartment building Franka enthusiastically supported Franka Batelić at Eurosong (the second most important event; naturally, after STEM Games). However, they needed a support of the team so, guys, support and console your Frankas as Čorluka did after Franka did not win the competition. After the grand opening STEM Games ceremony, the Games has begun. New friendships were developed, beach volleyball was played during the night and we’ve all had such a great time at the karaoke party.

Day 2: Sweat and drums

Livers of regular people have just started to regenerate simultaneously with jocks winning points in volleyball, basketball, futsal and handball. In the afternoon hours, the number of fans and cheerleaders increased because a liver regenerates exponentially with time. Fans have demonstrated their importance for the success of their team (support your team cause no one else will unless they are from Sarajevo… they are generally loveable people and indeed loved by everyone at the Games). Everyone could hear really interesting (and perhaps inspiring) cheerleading songs and dancing moves accompanied by drums and megaphones. The results of sporting battles can be checked in the application. The Arenas have been opened inviting courageous brainiacs to start their three-day “sweating”. If you think that only jocks sweat, think again.

The first day results from the Arenas can be found below.

We’re rushing to the STEM Games quiz. For all those who wish to experience the STEM Games atmosphere, check out our Instagram stories.

Live scores can be found here: