The fourth day: “Operation Weekend” begins

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We are now officially past the first half of STEM Games. Judging by last evening, it seems that you’ve had a lot of fun (we know what you’ve been doing, we’ve seen everything). Read on to find out if this day was as nuts as the last three.

The fourth day of the Games was the most fulfilled one. The fingers of our worker bees in the Arenas were sweating today as well as they put their “little gray cells” (read in Poirot’s voice) to work and defeated challenges to earn themselves championship titles.

To the absolute delight of “you know what gender”, our volleyball girls were finally able to get some sun on the court. That does not mean the fairer sex was cut short though, because they had the chance to feast their eyes in some of our extra activities like bench press and the rowing sprints. In other courts, which were overwhelmed by the standard cheering atmosphere, our athletes have fought battles for the finals. If you want to find out who was Marin Čilić and who was Marin Čilić, take a look at this link.

We have a lot of our extra activities to cover as well. For starters, the drone race qualifying round - in which the participants had to fly their flying pets through a course of obstacles and the Treasure Hunt in which the students were looking for a hidden treasure in the style of Indiana Jones. Legends say that some last year’s contestants are still wandering through the forest because they couldn’t find their way. We can relate to that since they had only been following out road signs :(. We also had an Alias tournament which was dominated by former high school jocks that came out as winners thanks to their undergraduate degrees from the Pub University. Those who were eloquent and lucky enough have the chance to take a tour of the Višnjanu observatory tonight and, we hope, recognize its potential for a first date with the lucky ladies from the night before.

With the arrival of fresh players from the bench (a.k.a. our weekend participants), we have just started the summer concert season. The first part of the dynamic duo of performers coming to STEM Games - Andrija Vujević will be entertaining you tonight. We believe that you can easily recognize Andrija by many of his traits. We think it’s enough to say that he has a particular liking of pasta, but for those of you who still can’t make sense of what we’re saying, you can stop worrying. We can tell you that Andrija is in fact the long expected Vojko that will paint STEM Games red and mark the official beginning of the Weekend at the Games™.

Smarten up, raise your glasses up and we’ll see you (unfortunately just) tomorrow!