The Games are already over!


Grše set our stage on fire on friday. Fun lasted all night long. Lines for coffee were full of people, you couldn't miss it even if you wanted to. 

Battles for winning started early in the morning. The ESports competition started early in the morning. Rocket League was first. After intense finals, it was finally time for League of Legends. FIFA's turn was right after lunch break and the best finals by far. An extra seat in the Arena was needed for the stream. At the very end of the finals' finals in CS:GO, all eSport Arena competitions were over.


During eSport Arena finals, it was also very intense on the playgrounds and in sports halls. Finals began with a battle for the win in handball, while volleyball competitors were at the Valbruna, a volleyball hall. Beach volleyball and handball were up next after lunch, while futsal was in the afternoon.

sport1 (1)

The Problem-solving Arena changed its location to the Villas Rubin, where competitors presented their solutions to the jury and mentors. The jury focused on the general appearance, innovativity, and complexity of their solutions.

ocjenjivanje znanja1
ocjenjivanje znanja2

Special guests took a walk through the Resort and enjoyed sports and eSports finals. Some of them even went to the presentations of their work. The Networking Event took place in the afternoon, where our sponsors and project partners talked with competitors, mentors, and the jury about challenges in the world we live in.

networking (1)

The evening was devoted to the group photo of all participants and Games organizers. The winners were announced after dinner. Longly awaited Z++ took care of the atmosphere. He set our stage on fire on the closing night! Competitors and organizers indulged in the last evening.


And that's it, another Games are over. We've worked hard for months to finally see each other after two years and enjoy being together in the competitions that students made for students!


The STEM Games organization's team sends you a huge thank you to all of you! Once again, say ready, STEM, go till the new blog and recap!