The second STEM Games have been opened!

012 – _DSC6179

The long awaited second round of the Games has begun as expected, in a bright atmosphere, thanks to the intense rays of sun (and we don’t mean the heat, but those who have joined us :).

After a weather rollercoaster ride and bladder exercise, our teams have patiently gone through the procedure of entering the STEM Games olympic village and settled comfortably into what will be their home for the next five days.

The Games atmosphere has awakened in the same way we make Nescafe 3in1 coffee - instantly. We had friendly picnics, a healthy dose of patriotism and the ubiquitous regional classics echoing throughout the resort since late morning. Following that, we immortalized the opening of this year’s Games in a cinematic way - by flying multiple drones over more than 2000 students at the Cape of Good Hope (we’re joking, our cape does not have a name 🙁 ).

We hope you got your daily dose of highly caloric foundation at the traditionally lightest meal of the day that you’ll really need before you start enjoying the liquid joy. Before you get to work, we would like to thank everyone who attended the official opening of the Games, the most expected event of the year.

The evening program of the first day of the Games will start with karaoke, so if you’re not chained to the rhythm but the rhythm is chained to you, challenge yourself and contribute to our educational program by singing your favourite song and waking the lions up. Do your best to heat the atmosphere up and improve the weather conditions, so that we can enjoy the rest of the week and build solid foundation for the night diving activities at the beach parties.

We wish you a pleasant rest of the evening and hope you enjoy the first episode of the new season of the Games!