The third day: After the rain comes the sun

002 – _DSC6744_GoranBerovic

Today it was raining cats and dogs but our competitors didn’t let the rainy weather ruin their stay at the Games. Read on to find out more about how we came to invent “balcony waterpolo” and how we heated our rooms McGyver style.

Although it made quite an effort, the rain didn’t manage to prevent us from going through with all of the sporting activities of today - the great turnout made a bit of trouble for our transporters, but they managed to enable our supporters to provide unlimited support for their athletes. Eventually, however, one sport got some sunlight. With the obligatory folk classics in the background, our rowers, as expected, set the amphitheatre on fire and, together with their fans, rowed out to victory You can find out about the rest of the sports here

Today was especially exciting for the Technology Arena that went on a short trip to Vodnjan, where Infobip gave them a warm welcome. Our gladiators who went there had a chance to go on a tour of Infobip’s campus and gain some insight into how the modern corporate world looks like. We hope that convinced them to look forward to their employment with a smile on their face. Their tour wasn’t entirely touristic. They had a chance to experience first-hand how a work day of the big players looks like - they had to find their way through a maze consisting of dangerous challenges that they had to tackle to to score points. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Infobip for their help in designing the assignments for the Technology Arena.

We have once again proven the multidisciplinarity of this event with a new extra activity - a self-defense class. The students from Osijek have uncovered the ancient secrets of Brasilian jiu-jitsu and pointed out the importance of being able to defend yourself in real life, while the eSports arena demonstrated the same capabilities in the virtual world in CSGO, Hearthstone, FIFA and it’s major rival PES.

As for the rest of the extra activities, we would like to point out the STEM quiz which is, as well as the “Bela” card game, just a cover for a chance to meet your soulmate. We continued with the romantic activity we spoke about, which we decided to split over two days. The really romantic part will happen tomorrow at the Višnjan Observatory, but today our provocative Korado gave a lecture related to our main theme and inspired us all with his thought-provoking speech.

In the end, we want to thank you all for doing a good job warming the atmosphere up. Tonight you can finally enjoy the long awaited Games beach party.